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Rebecca Lee (MY), Tim Johnson (UK) & Jean-Pierre Madge (CH) - February 2021
Shake Ya Boom Boom - Static & Ben El & Black Eyed Peas
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Sequence: C.A.A.B.C.C.A.A.A16.C.C.B

Intro 16 counts, Start the dance facing 6 o'clock, as you only do section C once, bringing you to the front wall to start the first A section.

Part A: 32 counts
(&) Jump, Heel's pop x2, Rock, Recover, Chassé forward
&1&2Step R to R diagonal (&), Bring L next to R (1) body facing 10 o'clock, Pop both heels up (&) and down (2)
&3&4Step L forward (&), Bring R next L (3) body facing 2 o'clock, Pop both heels up (&) and down (4)
5-6Still facing the diagonal Rock R forward (5), Recover (6)
7&8Step R forward (7), Step L next R (&), Step R forward (8)
Rocking chair and step 1/2 R, Step, 1/2L, 1/4 L Side, Touch
1&2&3-4Still facing the diagonal Rock L forward (1), Recover (&), Rock L back (2), Recover (&), Step L forward (3), Pivot 1/2 R (4)
(You should now be facing 7.30 o'clock, weight is on your R)
5-6Step L forward doing 1/8 R to face 9 o'clock (5), 1/2 L Step R back (6)
7-81/4 L Big Step L to L (7), Touch R next to L (8)
*Restart here after the 5th A, get ready to start with C
Walk, Walk, Rock 1/2 R, Walk, Walk, Rock 1/2 L
1-2Walk R, L forward (1,2)
3&4Rock R forward (3), Recover (&), 1/2 R Step R forward (4)
5-6Walk L, R forward (5,6)
7&8Rock L forward (7), Recover (&), 1/2 L Step L forward (8)
Paddle turn left, Walk back and Shimmy
1-21/4 L on L foot and Touch R to R (1),1/4 L on L foot and Touch R to R (2)
3-41/4 L on L foot and Touch R to R (3), 1/4 L on L foot and Touch R to R (4)
5-6-7-8Walk back R, L, R, L forward (5,6,7,8) shaking your shoulders
Part B: 32 counts
Rock, Recover and Touch, Hold, Bounce x3 3/8 R and Step, Body Roll
1-2&3-4Rock R to R (1), Recover (2), R next L (&), Touch L to L diagonal (3), Hold (4)
5&6Bounce Heels 3 times while doing 3/8 R (5&6) You should be facing 4.30 with weight on L
&7-8Bring R next to L (&), Step L back while starting a body roll from your head to under (7) Finish the body roll and touch R next L (8) You still facing 4.30
Walk, Turn, Side, Hold, Cross and Cross and Cross, Unwind
1-2-3-4Step R forward (1), 1/2 R Step L back, you are facing 10.30 (2), 1/8 R Step R to R side, you are facing 12 o'clock (3), Hold (4)
5&6&7-8Cross L over R (5), Step R to R (&), Cross L over R (6), Step R to R (&) Cross L over R (7) Unwind 3/4 R Step R forward (8)
Walk Walk Walk Walk, Chassé 3/4 L, Hold
1-2-3-4Walk L, R, L, R (1,2,3,4)
5&6&7-8Chassé starting with L doing 3/4 to L (5&6&7), Hold (8)
Out-Out, In-In, Run back
1-2-3-4Step R Out, R arm Straight forward with palm facing up (1), Step L out, L arm Straight forward with palm facing up (2), Step R back in place, With R hand grab your L side of your hips (3), Step L back in place, With L hand grab your R side of your hips (4)
5&6&7&8&Run back R, L, R, L, R, L, R, L (5&6&7&8&) While running back, bring both hands up and open your arms
Part C: 16 counts
Big Step, Behind and Heel Hook Heel Flick x2
1-2&Big Step R to R diagonal (1), Step L behind R (2) Step R to R (&) You should face 10.30
3&4&Touch L Heel forward (3), Hook L in front of R (&), Touch L Heel forward (4), Flick L out (&)
5-6&Big Step L to L diagonal (5), Step L behind R (6) Step L to L (&) You should face 1.30
7&8&Touch R Heel forward (3), Hook R in front of L (&), Touch R Heel forward (4), Flick R out (&)
Step 1/2 R Sweep, Shake, Side Body Roll, Shake
1-2&3&4Step R forward and Sweep L to do a 1/2 R (1), Step L next R (2), Shimmy shoulders (&3&4)
5-6&7&8Step L to L side and start a Body roll with your head going to the L (5), Step R next L as you end the body roll (6), Shake your body (&7&8)


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