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No Truck Song

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Tom Glover (AUS) - June 2020
No Truck Song - Tim Hicks : (3:12)
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Dance begins after 16 counts.
Cross Rock, Shuffle Right, Rock Forward Recover, Coaster
1 - 2Cross Right over Left, rock back onto Left,
3 & 4Shuffle to Right side, Right-Left-Right,
5 - 6Rock forward onto Left (facing Right diagonal – 1:30) recover onto Right,
7 & 8On the Right diagonal – Step Left back, step Right together, step Left forward.

Rock Forward Back, Shuffle Back, 1/8 Together, 1/4 Shuffle Left.
1 - 2Still facing Right diagonal – Rock forward onto Right, rock back onto Left,
3 & 4Shuffle back Right-Left-Right on Right diagonal.
5 - 6Square up to 12 o’clock and step Left to Left side, step Right beside Left,
7 & 8Step Left to Left side, step Right beside Left, turn 1/4 Left & step forward onto Left. (Now facing 9 o’clock).

1/4 Pivot, Cross Samba, 2 Cross Touches
1 - 2Step Right foot forward, pivot 1/4 Left
3 & 4Cross Right over Left, step Left to Left side, replace weight onto Right,
(The next 4 counts travel slightly forward)
5 - 6Cross Left over Right, touch Right foot to Right side,
7 - 8Cross Right over Left, touch Left foot to Left side.

Rock Forward Back, 1/4 Left Shuffle to Side, Cross Rock, Side Replace
1 - 2Rock forward onto Left, rock back onto Right,
3 & 4Turn 1/4 Left & shuffle to Left side, Left–Right-Left,
5 - 6Cross Right over Left, rock back onto Left,
7 - 8Step Right to Right side, replace weight onto Left.

During the 9th sequence, on count 25 facing 6 o’clock, when the singer sings “Hey”- the dance will go off beat slightly - continue with the dance.
Mobile: 0411617957 - http://linedancewith -


Magster July 8, 2020
This is so much fun!
Love the song & the dance :)

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