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Trevor Thornton (Florida, USA) (April- 2015)
Sangria – Blake Shelton. iTunes - Approx.120 bpm.
[1 – 8] Step ½ turn, ¼ turn chasse, Rock back, Recover, Side rock cross.
1 - 2Step forward on R foot, make a half turn over L shoulder taking weight on L. 6:00
3 & 4Make a ¼ turn L while stepping R to the R, step L next to R, step R to the R. 3:00
5 - 6Rock back on L, recover weight onto R. 3:00
7 & 8Rock L to L , recover weight to R, cross L over R. 3:00

[9 – 16] Hold, Ball cross, Side rock, Recover, Weave left
1 & 2Hold, recover weight onto ball of R foot, cross L over R again. 3:00
3 - 4Rock R foot to the R, recover weight back to the L. 3:00
5 - 6Step R behind L, step L to L. 3:00
7 - 8Cross R over L, step L to L (Swaying hips to the Left on 8) 3:00

[17 – 24] Sway, Drag w/touch, Chasse L, Rock back, Recover, ¼ turn back L, ½ turn L
1 - 2Sway hips to R (taking weight), drag L to the inside of the R foot with touch. 3:00
3 & 4Step L to L, step R to the inside of L, step L to L. 3:00
5 - 6Rock R behind L, recover weight onto L 3:00
7 - 8Make ¼ turn to the L stepping back on R, make ½ turn L stepping on L. 6:00
Styling As you’re swaying to the right, start the drag of your Left foot into the inside of your Right foot, quick touch.
The sway/drag happen together.
The end of this section is where your Tag will begin during the chorus of the song!

[25 – 32] Triple forward, Rock, Recover, Coaster step, Walk x2
1 & 2Step R forward, step together with L, step forward on R. 6:00
3 - 4Rock forward on L, recover weight back onto R 6:00
5 & 6Step back on L , step together with R, step forward on L 6:00
7 - 8Walk forward R, L 6:00

*32 Count Tag*- Happens only when facing the 6:00 wall every time you hear the chorus.
Tag starts after 24 counts of the main dance on Walls 3, 5 & 7. (Drop the last 8 counts of main dance)
T[1 – 8] Triple forward x2, Roll hips for 4 counts to the left
1 & 2Step R forward, step together with L, step forward on R. 6:00
3 & 4Step L forward, step together with R, step forward on L. 6:00
5, 6, 7, 8Roll hip CC L, making ¼ turn to Left. 3:00

T[9 – 16] Jazz box, Roll hips for 4 counts to the left.
1 - 2Cross R over L, step back on the L 3:00
3 - 4Step R to R side, step forward on L 3:00
5, 6, 7, 8Roll hip CC L, making ¼ turn to Left. 12:00

T[17 – 32] Repeat Counts 1 - 16 counts, to finish the Tag. End up facing back on the 6:00 wall, repeat the main dance, and enjoy!

Contact ~ Email: TrevorT17@yahoo.com - Phone: (+1) 407-590-4753

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