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Northside Gal

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Hanna Pitkänen (FIN) & Laura Hannele Pitkänen (FIN) - July 2021
North Side Gal - JD McPherson
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Intro: 16 counts, start on vocals

S1: Side step R & kick L, Rock behind, side, cross, unwind full turn
1,2step R to side while kicking L to side
Arm movement: point both fists down together in front of your body
3,4rock L behind R, recover R
5,6step L to left cross R over L
7,8unwind full turn left (weight ends on both feet, L foot in front of R foot, not too much over, open upper body to right)

S2: Heel swivels x2, back rock step, hold
1,2,3,4swivel both heels to left, bring both heels center, swivel both heels to left, bring both heels center (weight ends on R)
5,6,7,8rock L back, recover R, step L forward, hold (prep for a turn)

S3: 1 ½ turn left with a sweep, sailor step
1,2,3,4½ turn left stepping R back, ½ turn left stepping L forward, ½ turn left stepping R back as you sweep L from front to back
When danced as a contra dance: you will be passing your partners left side
5,6,7,8step L behind R, step R out to right side, step L out to left side, hold (weight ends on both feet)

S4: Traveling heel toe swivels, 1/8 tun right, kick, back rock, run R L
1,2,3,4swivel both heels to left, swivel both toes to left, swivel both heels to left turnig 1/8 right, kick R forward, (7:30)
5,6,7,8rock R back, recover L, step R forward, step L forward
(optional styling for counts 7-8: boogie walks)

S5: Kick x2, back rock, toe strut, side rock L with 1/8 turn right, side rocks L R
1,2,3,4kick R forward, kick R forward, rock R back, recover L
5,6,7,8touch R toes forward, step weight down on R, turn 1/8 right and straighten to 9:00, rock L to side, rock R to side

S6: ¼ rock turn, hold, ½ turn, holf, ½ turn hold, back rock
1,2,3,4¼ turn rocking L forward with a look over left shoulder, hold, ½ turn righ stepping R forward, hold,
5,6,7,8½ turn R stepping L back, hold, rock R back, rocever

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