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Nothing Matters

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Phrased Intermediate / Advanced Waltz
Katharina Müllner & Sabrina Riedl (AUS) - March 2009

Part A: (54 Counts)
Twinkle ¼, Back Basic
1,2,3 cross r over left, step l back, close r next l (03:00)
4,5,6 step l back, close r next to left, step l forward

Step, step ¼ , cross behind, full turn, side, trag
7,8&9 r step forward, ¼ turn side step with l, cross r behind l, turn full turn (06:00)
10,11,12 l step to side, trag r to l (5,6)

Side, trag, side , trag
13,14,15 r step to r, with trag to r (2,3)
16,17,18 l step to l with trag to l (5,6)

Make 1 ¼ turns , cross, full turn with sweep
19,20,21 step ¼ turn with r to r (09:00), step back with l doing a ½ turn r, step forward with r doing a ½ turn r
22,23,24 cross l over r, turn full turn with doing a sweep with r from front to back (09:00)

Twinkle back 2x
25,26,27 step r behind l, l side step to l, r side step to r
28,29,30 step l behind r, r side step to r, l side step to l

Back, sweep 2x, back bend
31,32,33 step r back while sweeping l from front to back, step l back while sweeping r from front to back
34,35,36 bend upper body back while putting the right hand up to the air (weight is on r foot)

Step forward, sweep ¾ turn, step forward, kick
37,38,39 step l forward, turn ¾ turn left while sweeping r foot from back to front (2,3) (03:00)
40,41,42 step r forward, kick l forward (5,6)

Step back, ½ turn r, step forward, 1 ¼ turn l with kick
43,44,45 l step back, r step forward while turning ½ turn r, l step forward ( 09:00)
46,47,48 kick r forward and turn 1 ¼ turn over left shoulder, ending with a point r to right side (06:00)

Drop down, full spiral turn r
49,50,51 bend your l knee to get down
52,53,54 turn a full spiral turn on l foot over your r shoulder while going up
Part B: (48 counts)
Dance Part A again till count 48
Turn the last turn just a ¼ turn instead of an full one.

Part C : (48 Counts)
Sway 2x
1,2,3 sway from l to r
4,5,6 sway from r to l

Sway, Lift
7,8,9 sway from l to r
10,11,12 go on the top of l foot while lifting r knee up (knee is turned out, kind of figure of 4) (facing 06:00)

Cross Rock, Recover, Sweep
13,14,15 cross r over l , recover
16,17,18 sweep r from front to back, step back on r (facing 04:30)

Sweep,1/8 turn r, drop down
19,20,21 sweep l from front to back, step back on l
22,23,24 1/8 turn r stepping r to r side (facing 06:00),point l to l side and bend r knee

½ turn l, Cross, side, back
25,26,27 turn ½ turn l over l shoulder (facing 12:00)
28,29,30 cross r over l (facing 04:30), l step to l side (06:00), back step r to diagonal (07:30)

cross behind, side , cross, Cross 1/8 turn, side, ¼ turnback
31,32,33 cross l behind r (07:30), r step to r side (09:00), cross l over r (10:30)
34,35,36 cross r over l while doing 1/8 turn r (facing 12:00), step l to l, step back on r doing ¼ turn r (03:00)

back basic, Feather turn r
37,38,39 l step back, step r next to l, step l forward
40,41,42 cross r over l (facing 10:30), turn 1/8 turn r stepping l forward (12:00), turn ¼ turn r Stepping r forward (03:00)

runs back, ½ turn, ¼ turn sweep
43,44&45 step back on l, step back on r, step back on l, step back on r
46,47,48 turn ½ turn l stepping forward on l, sweep r foot from back to front, while turning ¼ turn l

Enjoy and have fun


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