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Nothing Without You

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Low Intermediate
Amy Glass (USA) - March 2019
Nothing Without You - Samantha Jade : (iTunes)
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#12 Count Intro

[1-6] ½ Diamond Starting facing R Diagonal
12Step LF fwd (cross over RF) (1:30), Step RF to R turning 1/8 L (12:00)
3Step LF back turning 1/8 L (10:30)
456Step RF back, Step LF to L turning 1/8 L (9:00), Step RF fwd while turning 1/8 L (7:30)

[7-12] Fwd, Rock Fwd, Recover, Back, Back, ½ Turn R
123Step LF fwd, Rock RF fwd, Recover weight back on LF (7:30)
45Step RF back, Step LF back while beginning to turn upper body ½ R
6Turn lower body ½ R placing weight fwd on RF (1:30) **note-make only a small step forward

[13-18] Whisk L (with 1/8 R), Whisk R
123Turn 1/8 R (3:00) while stepping LF to left, Cross RF behind LF, Replace weight on LF
456Step RF to right side, Cross LF behind RF, Replace weight on RF

[19–24] Step with ¼ L, Sweep ½ L, Weave
123Step LF toward 12:00 (turning ¼ L), Sweep RF and turn ½ L (6:00)
456Cross RF over LF, Step LF to L, Cross RF behind LF

[25-30] Step Drag, Touch/Prep, Rolling 1 ¼ Turn R
12Big step left, Drag RF (but don’t quite close RF next to LF)
3Touch RF to R side while prepping upper body
456Turn ¼ R (9:00) while stepping RF fwd, Turn ½ R (3:00) stepping LF back, Turn ½ R stepping RF fwd (9:00)
**note: prepare for upcoming L turn next

[31-36] Step, Rolling Full Turn L, Step, ½ Turn R
1Step LF fwd (prepping for L turn—turn L toes out to make upcoming L turn easier)
2-3Turn ½ L while stepping back on RF, Turn ½ L while stepping fwd on LF (9:00)
4Step RF Fwd
5-6Step LF Fwd and pivot ½ R, Recover weight fwd on RF (3:00)

[37-42] Waltz ½ R, Waltz Back R
123Step LF fwd, Turn ¼ L while stepping RF to right (12:00), Turn ¼ L while stepping LF back (9:00)
456Step RF back, Close LF next to RF, Step RF fwd to R diagonal

[43-48] Cross, Side Rock, Recover x2 (Opening to Diagonals and moving slightly forward)
123Step fwd while crossing LF over RF, Rock RF to Right, Recover weight on LF (opening body to L diagonal)
456Step fwd while crossing RF over LF, Rock LF to Left, Recover weight on RF (opening body to R diagonal)



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