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Nowhere In The Neighborhood

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Easy Intermediate
Geoff Evans (UK) - May 2020
Nowhere In The Neighborhood - Jace Everett : (CD: Jace Everett)
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#16 count intro. Start just before vocals.

FWD, Right Left, Mambo, Step, Back Sweep, Back Sweep, Left Coaster Step
123&4Right forward, Left Step forward , Right Mambo forwards, Step back Right
567&8Step back on left, sweep right, back right sweep left.

Back left close with right, step forward left. Pivot ½ Pivot ¼ Jazz Box
1234Step forward right,Pivot ½ turn onto left, step forward onto right, Pivot ¼ turn onto left.
5678Cross right over left,step back onto left, Step right to side, close left to right.
(Restart here wall 4)

½ turn Monterey, Rock Recover, Triple ¾ Turn
1234Touch out with the right, Half turn to the right on left foot, transfer weight into right, touch out with left step together.
567&8Rock forward onto right, recover weight onto left, ¾ turn to right stepping right,left, right.

Cross Rock, & Cross Rock, & Cross rock, Coaster Step
12&34Cross left foot over right, recover weight onto right, step to left, cross right over left, recover onto left.
&567&8Step onto right, cross left over right, Recover weight onto Right. Step back onto left, close right to left, step forward onto left.
(Restart here wall 3)

Chase Turn, Full Turn, Mambo, Back Lock.
1&2,3&4Step forward onto right pivot ½ turn onto left, step forward onto right. Full turn forward turning to right, stepping left, right, left.
5&67&8Forward onto right,,recover onto left, step back onto right. Step back onto left, lock right across left, step back onto left.

Toe turn, Pivot ¼ cross, Reverse Rumba Box
123&4Touch right toe back, ½ turn onto it. Step forward onto left. pivot ¼ turn right, and cross left over right.
56&78Step to the right, close with the left, step back onto right. Step to the left, close with the right, step forward onto left.

This dance has 2 restarts and 1 tag.

The Tag comes at the end of wall 2.
Tag: 4 counts ( Mambo to right then Mambo to left)

Restart on wall 3 after 32 counts, and on wall 4 after 16 counts.

Submitted by - Noel C Bonham
Contact: Geoff Evans:


Dancing Bear May 22, 2020
Nice dance Geoff the music too.

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