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Beginner/Intermediate level
Kate Sala (UK) & Robert Lindsay (UK) - May 2005
Luna Mezz'o Mare - Patricio Buanne : (CD: The Italian)
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Start on vocals 
1-8 R Vine, ½ Turn R, Hitch, Walk Back, Hitch  
12 Step right to right side. Cross step left behind right. 
34 Turn ¼ right stepping forward on right. Turn ¼ right on ball of right hitching left knee.  
5678 Walk back left, right, left. Hitch right knee.  
9-16 ?Swing Ya Pants'. Forward Step Clap. Back Step Slap 
910 Step right to the right side. Touch left next to right. 
1112 Step left to the left side. Touch right next to left. 
Styling - For counts 9101112 swing your arms right then left as if swinging your pants 
1314 Step forward on the right. Partners clapping right hands together while bending the left knee and lifting left foot up 
1516 Step back on the left. Hook right foot behind left slapping it with the left hand. 
Side Touch, Heel Dig, Back Touch, Pivot ½ Turn, Step ½ Pivot, 'I Dip, You Dip' 
Before starting this dance each partner has to decide who is dipping first and who goes second 
17&18Touch right toe to right side. Step right next to left. Dig left heel forward. 
&1920Step left next to right. Touch right toe back. Pivot ½ turn right. 
2122 Step forward on left. Pivot ½ turn right. 
2324 First partner dips down bending the knees and straightens up while second partner holds. 
2526 Second partner dips down bending the knees and straightens up while first partner holds. 
Shuffle Linking Arms, Shuffle Turn R x 3. Rock Back 
27&28Partners shuffle towards each other on right, left, right linking right arms together. 
29&3031&3233&34 Three more shuffles travelling clockwise returning to original place with arms still linked. 
3536 Rock back on right, recover on left. 
Start again, have a laugh and have fun - we did!!


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