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Roxanne Moates, Luke Watson (AUS) & Stephen Watson (AUS) - September 2016
Room to Breathe, Chase Bryant - Single (iTunes) 2:58min (108 BPM)
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Notes: Tag at the end of Wall 5
Weight on Left, Start 16 counts in on vocals (9 seconds) V1, Turning CW

A[1-8] Out, Out, Touch Together, Shuffle, Rock, Recover, Shuffle 1/4 Left
&1-2Right out, Left out, Touch Right Together
3&4Shuffle side Right, Left Together, Side Right
5-6Rock Left Across in front of Right, Recover Back on Right
7&8Shuffle Side Left, Right Together, 1/4 Left Step Forward on Left (9:00)

B[1-8] Rock, Recover, Together, Rock, Recover, Together, 1/2 pivot, Hold, Shuffle
1-2&Rock Forward on Right, Recover Back on Left, Bring Right Together
3-4&Rock Forward on Left, Recover Back on Right, Bring Left Together
5-6Step Forward on Right, swivel 1/2 Left keeping Weight Back on Right Foot (3:00)
7&8Shuffle Forward Left, Right Together, Forward Left

C[1-8] Walk, Walk, Shuffle, Back, Back, Shuffle 1/4 Left
1-2Walk Forward Right, Walk Forward Left
3&4Shuffle Side Right, Left Together, Side Right
5-6Step Back Left, Step Back Right
7&8Shuffle Side Left, Right Together, 1/4 Left Forward on Left (12:00)

D[1-8] Rocking Chair, 1/4 pivot, 1/4 Pivot
1-2Rock Forward on Right, Recover Back on Left
3-4Rock Back on Right, Recover Forward on Left
5-6Step Forward on Right, Pivot 1/4 Left (9:00)
7-8Step Forward on Right, Pivot 1/4 Left (6:00)

E[1-8] Cross Touch, Samba Cross, Cross, 1/4, 1/2 Shuffle
1-2(travel forward) Cross Right Over Left, Touch Left Toe out to side
3&4(travel forward) Cross Left over Right, Rock Side on Right, Recover Side on Left
5-6Cross Right over Left, 1/4 Right Step Back on Left (9:00)
7&81/2 Right Shuffle Forward Right, Left Together, Forward Right (3:00)

F[1-8] 1/4 Pivot, Cross Shuffle, Side, Box Step, Flick
1-2Step Forward on Left, Pivot 1/4 Right (6:00)
3&4Cross Shuffle Left over Right, Side Left, Cross Left over Right
&Side Right
5-7Cross Left over Right, Back Right, Step Side Left
8Flick Right Foot up Behind Left Leg

Tag: Occurs at the end of Wall 5 facing 6:00
&1-2Right Out, Left Out, Hold
&3-4Right In, Left In, Hold
5-6Step Forward on Right, Pivot 1/2 Left (12:00)

Roxanne Moates 0419 919 527
Luke Watson 0411 846 990
Stephen Watson 0421 022 952



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