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Old Love Song

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Laura Sway (UK), Debbie Ellis (ES) & I.C.E. (ES) - July 2021
Old Love Song - Zac Brown Band
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#2 tags and 1 restart

COUNT IN: 16 counts from start of track on vocals

S1- Rock R, Recover, Shuffle ½ R, shuffle ½, Rock R ¼ R, recover on L.
1-2Rock forward on the Right, recover onto the left.
3&4making a ½ turn Right shuffle forward on the Right (6.00),
5&6Make another ½ turn over the Right shuffling back on the Left (12.00)
7-8make a ¼ Right rocking Right to Right side, recovering weight onto Left.

S2- Weave L finishing at (1.30) Step pivot ½ turn L, x2 Walks forward (7.30)
1234-Cross Right over Left, step Left to Left side, Step Right behind Left, step Left to Left diagonal (1.30)
5678-step forward on the Right, Pivot ½ turn over the Left weight onto Left (7.30) walk forward Right, Left.

S3- R rocking chair, side touch side touch (1/8 L)
1234-Rock forward on the Right, recover onto Left, Rock back on the Right, recover onto Left.
5678-making 1/8 turn Left, step Right to Right side, Touch Left to left diagonal (click fingers), step Left to Left side, touch Right to Right diagonal (click fingers). (6:00)

S4 - Rumba box Forward with shuffle, Rumba box back with coaster cross
1-2Step Right to Right side, close Left beside Right.
3&4Shuffle forward (R, L, R)
5-6Step Left to Left side, close Right beside Left.
7&8Step Left back, close Right beside Left, Cross Left over Right.

S5 - Figure 8 grapevine with ¼ turn
1234Step Right to Right side, Cross Left behind Right, step Right forward making ¼ turn Right, step Left forward
5678Pivot ½ turn Right, step Left to side making ¼ turn Right, cross Right behind Left, step Left forward making ¼ turn Left. (3:00)

S6 - Diagonal rock, behind and cross, step ¼ hinge turn, shuffle forward
1-2Rock Right to Right diagonal, recover on Left
3&4Step Right behind Left, step Left to Left side, Cross Right over Left.
5-6Step Left to Left side, make a ¼ turn Right stepping Right to side
7&8Left Shuffle forward. (6:00)

Tag 1 - At end of wall 2 facing 12:00
K step with brush forward.
1-8Step Right diagonally forward, touch left beside Right, step Left diagonally back, touch Right beside Left, Step Right diagonally back, touch Left beside Right, step Left diagonally forward, brush Right forward.

Tag 2 - During wall 5, dance up to count 32 then add the following
Side touch, Side brush.
1-4Step Right to Right side, touch Left beside Right, step Left to Left side, brush Right forward.
Restart from count 1 facing (6:00)

Ending- As the songs finishes you will just do the first 6 counts of section 3, Which is on the front wall.
1234-Rocking Chair
5-6-Step touch 1/8 to the front,
Slight hold and big pose with your arms of your choice

Last Update - 24 July 2021


anniemac July 18, 2021
Lovely dance to lovely music.

Laura Sway xxxxx July 21, 2021
Thank you x

dancedeb July 22, 2021
Thank you everyone xx

dancedeb July 24, 2021
Hi everyone, please note that the clock directions at the end of section 3 and 5 are incorrect and should read as 6.00 and 300
Thanks to Martha Davenport and Brenda Thomason for pointing it out. Script will be updated

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