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On Christmas Day

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Swany (INA) & Lim Riky (INA) - November 2020
Mary's Boy Child / Oh My Lord - P336 Band
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Start Dance After Music Intro - 36 counts

(Intro Dance (32 counts))
Side Step to Right, Side Step to Left, Turn ¼ Left
1 - 4Step RF to right side, Step LF to RF side, Step RF to right side, Touch LF to RF side.
5 - 8Step LF to left side, Step RF to LF side, Step LF ¼ turn to Left, Touch RF to LF side
*Do it the step 4 times until You are facing 12:00 and Start the Main Dance

The Main Dance
Side Rock with Hip Bumps, Behind, Side, Cross (Right & Left)
1 - 2Step RF to right with hip to the right twice.
3 & 4Step RF behind LF, step LF to left side, cross RF over LF.
5 - 6Step LF to left with hip to the left twice.
7 & 8Step LF behind RF, step RF to right side, cross LF over RF.

Back Shuffle, Back Shuffle, Right Point, Cross, Left Point, Cross
1 & 2Step RF back, Step LF cross RF, Step RF back.
3 & 4Step LF back, Step RF cross LF, Step LF back.
5 - 6Point RF to right, Cross RF over LF.
7 - 8Point LF to left, Cross LF over RF.
(Restart Here on Wall 3 (6:00) & Wall 6 (12:00))

Forward Shuffle, Turn ½ Right, Forward Shuffle, Turn ½ Left
1 & 2Step RF forward, Step LF behind RF, Step RF forward.
3 - 4Step LF forward, Step RF turn ½ to the right.
5 & 6Step LF forward, Step RF behind LF, Step LF forward.
7 - 8Step RF forward, Step LF turn ½ to the left.

Paddle Turn ½ Left, Jazz Box turn ¼ Right
1 - 2RF paddle ¼ Left, LF recover weight.
3 - 4RF paddle ¼ Left, LF recover weight.
5 - 6Step RF over LF, Step LF back.
7 - 8Step RF turn ¼ to right side, Step LF forward.

Restart after 16 counts On Wall 3 (6:00) & Wall 6 {12:00}

You can use the music directly from our dance video for more precise music.
Have Fun and Enjoy....



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