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On My Own

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High Intermediate
Steve Lescarbeau (USA) - July 2014
On My Own - Miley Cyrus
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Walk, Walk, Ball Change, ¼ R w/Sweep, Cross, Side, Behind, ¼ R, Sweep
1, 2& 3, 4Walk forward R, L, Quickly step on ball of R, Step on L, Make ¼ turn R on R as you sweep L foot back to front [3:00]
5, 6& 7, 8Cross L over R, Step R to R, Quickly step L behind R, Step R ¼ turn to R, Sweep L front to back [6:00]

Rock, Recover, ½ L, Pivot ½ L, Rock, Recover, 2 Moon Walks Back
9, 10& 11, 12Rock L forward, Recover R, Quickly make ½ turn L stepping L forward, Step R forward, ½ turn L stepping on L
13, 14, 15, 16Rock R forward, Recover L, Pop left knee while sliding right foot back, Pop right knee while sliding left foot back
Restart….. Happens here on Wall 6. You should be facing 9:00 wall when this happens.

Sailor ½ R, Stomp L, Stomp R, Hold,Syncopated Jazz Box ¼ L, Cross, Hold
17&18&19,20Swing R behind L, ½ turn R stepping on L, Step forward on R, Stomp L back, Stomp R, Hold [12:00]
21, 22& 23, 24Cross L over R, ¼ L stepping back on R, Quickly step L to L, Cross R over L, Hold [9:00]

Syncopated Weave L, ½ Unwind R, Forward Walks with Toe Drags X4
&25&26&27,28Quickly step L to L, Step R behind L, Quickly step L to L, Step R across L, Quickly step L to L, Step R behind, Unwind ½ turn R, (finish with weight on L) [3:00]
29, 30, 31, 32Step forward on R as you drag L toe, Step forward on L as you drag R toe, Repeat previous 2 counts.


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