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On My Way

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Phrased Intermediate
Rex Chuan (USA) - June 2019
"On My Way" by Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter & Farruko
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Restart: 1 - Tag: 0

Start: after one and half count of vocal

Part A: 32 counts
{the samba variation applied to second A and onward, difference mentioned in this bracket}
AS1: R Night Club, L Night Club and Turn, Walk, Walk, Rock, Recover, Turn and Ball Step
12&RF R(1), LF together(2), RF cross LF(&) {whisk: RF R, LF cross behind, LF in place}
34&LF L(3), RF together((4), R quarter turn and LF forward(&) {whisk: LF L, R turn and RF rock backward, recover}
56RF forward(5), LF forward(6)
78&RF Rock forward(7), recover(8), R quarter turn and RF together(&) (9:00)

AS2: Turn and Cross, Sailor Step Cross, Side, Cross, Side, Turn and Rock, Recover, Turn and Walk, Cha Cha Cha
12&R quarter turn and LF behind RF(1) RF sweep back{hitch}, RF cross behind LF
3&4&RF cross, LF(3), LF L(&), RF cross LF(4), LF L(&)
56&L quarter turn and LF rock forward(5), recover(6), R half turn RF forward(&)
7&8LF forward(7), RF lock in(&), LF forward(8) (3:00)

AS3: Turn and Tap, Turn, Sailor Step, Ball Step, Turn and Tap, Swivel, Swivel, Cross, Side
12R quarter turn and RF tap forward(1), L ¾ swivel turn on RF(2)
3&4LF cross behind RF(3), RF R(&), LF L(4) {LF rock back, recover, LF forward}
&56RF forward on ball(&), L quarter turn and LF tap backward(5), L swivel half turn weight to LF(6)
78&R swivel half turn weight back on RF(7),LF cross RF(8), RF R(&) (6:00)

AS4: Three Quarter Diamond, Walk, Walk
12&LF cross behind RF(1), L quarter turn and RF backward(2), LF L(&)
34&RF forward(3), L quarter turn and LF cross RF(4), RF R(&)
56&LF cross behind RF(5), L quarter turn and RF backward(6), LF L(&)
78RF forward(7), LF forward(8) (9:00)

Part B: 16 counts
BS1: Hitch, Stomp, Hitch, Stomp, Hitch, Push, Drag X2
&1&2&34RF hitch(&), RF stomp R(1), LF together and RF hitch(&), RF stomp R(2), LF together and RF hitch(&), RF push R(3), LF drag together(4)
&5&6&78LF hitch(&), LF stomp L(5), RF together and LF hitch(&), LF stomp L(6), RF together and LF hitch(&), LF push L(7), RF drag together(8) (12:00)

BS2: Hitch, Scrub Swing, Scrub Swing, Hop Jazz Box, Scrub Swing, Heel Swivel, Together, Swing, Cross, Rock & Heel Jack, In Place, Together
&12RF hitch(&), LF scrub(1) and swing back(&), LF scrub(2) and swing forward
&3&4RF lock in LF while LF swing back(&), LF lock in while RF swing forward(3), RF rock backward while LF swing forward(&), LF step in place(4)
&5&6&RF scrub beside LF(&), RF swing forward(5) while LF heel swivel R, L quarter turn and RF together(&), L quarter turn and LF swing forward(6)
&7&8LF cross RF(&), RF rock R while LF point L on heel(7), LF step in place(&), RF tap together(8) (6:00)

Enjoy the dance!
Last Update - 29 June 2019


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