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On the Road Again

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Maryse Fourmage (FR), Aëla Fourmage (FR) & Angéline Fourmage (FR) - 22 April 2022
Midnight Rider's Prayer - Brothers Osborne
On the Road Again - Bernard Lavilliers
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Start : 14 s. approximately (On the lyrics) 16 counts
Sequence : A-A-Tag 12counts-A-A-A-A-A-A
Sequence Option Music : A-A-Tag 16counts-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-16

[1-8] Side, Cross, Chassé ¼ R, Step-Turn ½ R, Step ¼ R
1-2RF to the R side, Cross LF behind RF (option : make R hitch when you cross LF behind RF)
3&4RF to the R side, LF next to RF, Make ¼ R with RF FW
5-6LF FW, Turn ½ R
7-8LF FW, Turn ½ R (Weight is on RF)

[9-16] Cross, Point, Cross, Point, Charleston-Step
1-2Cross LF over RF, Point RF to the R side (option : Snap)
3-4Cross RF over LF, Point LF to the L side (option : Snap)
5-6LF FW, R Kick FW (option : Snap)
7-8RF Back, Point LF Back (option : Snap)

[17-24] Jazz-Box, Vine, Touch
1-2Cross LF over RF, RF Back
3-4LF to the L side, Cross RF over LF
5-6LF to the L side, Cross RF behind LF
7-8LF to the L side, Touch RF next to LF

[25-32] Vine ¼ R, Brush, V-Step, Touch
1-2RF to the R side, Cross LF Behind RF
3-4Make ¼ R with RF FW, L Brush FW
5-6LF on L diagonal FW, RF on R diagonal FW
7-8LF Back, Touch RF next to LF

Tag: 12 Counts
[1-8] Rolling vine (or Vine), Touch, Rolling vine (or Vine), Touch
1-2Make ¼ R with RF FW, Make ½ R with LF Back
3-4Make ¼ R with RF to the R Side, Touch LF next to RF
5-6Make ¼ L with LF FW, Make ½ L with RF Back
7-8Make ¼ L with LF to the L Side, Touch RF next to LF

[9-12] Rocking-chair
1-2RF FW, Recover to LF
3-4RF Back, Recover to LF

Tag 16 counts (Music Option)
[1-8]Rolling vine (or Vine), Touch, Rolling vine (or Vine), Touch

For Level Improver : Midnight Rider's Prayer – Sandra Moschel
Smile et enjoy the dance
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Last Update - 6 May 2022


Marie-Odile Ever JELINEK April 25, 2022
Le titre " In The Riad Again " attire regard 🎸 Bravo à toutes les 3 pour cette jolie chorégraphie 🎶 Elle va faire la Joie de nos débutants et, ravie de la leur présenter sous vos prénoms "Maryse ☆ Aëla & Angelina Fourmage 🎼 Bravo 👏

Angel' Line April 25, 2022
Merci beaucoup Marie-Odile 😊

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