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On The Way

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Gary Parker (AUS) - January 2021
Baby's On the Way - Luke Bryan : (Album: I'll Stay Me)
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#16 Count Intro - 16 counts before the vocals)

Step Side Tog, Right Coaster Step, Step 1/4 Pivot, Cross Shuffle.
1 2Step Right to Right Side, Step Left Together.
3&4Right Coaster Step. Back Together Forward ,R,L.R.
5 6Step Left Forward. ¼ Pivot Right, weight on Right.
7&8Cross Shuffle, Left, Right, Left.

Replace, 1/4, 1/4 ,Behind, 1/4, Step 1/2 Pivot, 1/4.
1 2Replace weight on Right, 1/4 Turn Left Step on Left.
3 41/4 Turn Left Step Right to Right Side. Step Left behind Right.
5 6Turn 1/4 Right Step Right, Step Forward on Left.
7 81/2 Pivot Right, weight on Right, 1/4 Turn Right Step Left to Side.

Behind, Side, Cross Shuffle, Side Rock Replace, Behind, Side, Forward.
1 2Step Right Behind Left, Step Left to Left Side.
3&4Cross Shuffle, Right, Left, Right.
5 6Step Left to Left Side, Replace weight on Right.
7&8Step Left behind Right, Step Right to Right Side, Step Left Forward.

Step 1/4 Pivot, Shuffle forward R,L,R. Step Forward, 1/2 Pivot, 1/2 Turn, Shuffle back, L,R,L.
1 2Step Forward Right,1/4 Pivot Left, weight on Left.
3&4Shuffle Forward Right, Left, Right.
5 6Step Forward Left,1/2 Pivot Right, weight on Right.
7&8Turning 1/2 Right, Shuffle Back, Left, Right, Left.

Side Rock, Side Rock,Together, Side Rock, Side Rock,Left Sailor Step, Right Sailor Step.
12&Rock Right to Right Side, Rock Left to Left, Step Right Together.
3 4Side Rock Left to Left, Side Rock Right to Right.
5&6Left Sailor Step, L,R,L.
7&8Right Sailor Step, R,L,R. ***Restart

Step Forward,1/4 Pivot, Left Samba Step Right, Samba Step, Rock Fwd Left, Replace,Step Left tog.
1 2Step Forward Left, 1/4 Pivot Right, weight on Right.
3&4Cross samba Step, Left, Right, Left.
5&6Cross Samba Step, Right, Left, Right.
7 8&Step Forward Left, Replace weight on Right, Step Left Together.

Start Again

***RESTART ... On wall 2 After 40 Counts.
Restart on wall 2 After 40 counts, facing 3 O'Clock
Do 2 Sailor Steps, L,R,L. R,L,R.Then Step Left Together on the & count.
Restart Wall 3 facing 3 O'Clock

Dance finishes After 48 Counts Facing The Front.



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