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On This Night

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Marja Urgert (NL) & Jan Van Tiggelen (NL) - December 2017
On This Night - Jack Jersey
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Intro: 16 Counts

Big Step To R Side, Drag & Cross, Step Side, Back Rock, Recover, Kick-Ball-Cross
1-2RF. Big step to R - LF. Drag next to RF
&3-4LF. Step beside RF - RF. Cross over - LF. Step to L side
5-6RF. Back rock - Recover
7&8RF. Kick fwd - RF. Step beside LF - LF. Cross over

Side Rock, Recover, Sailor Step 1/4 Turn R, Step Fwd, Pivot 1/2 Turn R, Shuffle Fwd
1-2RF. Side rock - Recover
3&4RF. 1/4 Turn R cross behind LF - LF. Step beside RF - RF. Step fwd slightly (3)
5-6LF. Step fwd - Pivot 1/2 turn R (9)
7&8LF. Step fwd - RF. Step beside - LF. Step fwd

Step Fwd, 1/4 Turn L, Step Fwd, 1/2 Turn L, Step Fwd, Point, Step Back, Point
1-2-3-4RF. Step fwd - 1/4 Turn L - RF. Step fwd - 1/2 Turn L
5-6-7-8RF. Step fwd - LF. Point toe to L side - LF. Step back - RF. Point toe to R side

Back Rock, Recover, Shuffle Fwd, Step Fwd, 1/4 Turn R, Cross Shuffle
1-2RF. Back rock - Recover
3&4RF. Step fwd - LF. Step beside - RF. Step fwd
5-6LF. Step fwd - 1/4 Turn R
7&8LF. Cross over - RF. Step to R side - LF. Cross over

Start Again

Tag: Dance the 8th wall (9:00) to count 28, count 4 of the 4th block
The music slowed here, adjust the rhythm
Big Step to L side, Drag, Stomp, Big Step to R side, Drag, Step Together
1-2-3-4LF. Big step to L side - RF. Drag next to LF (over 2 counts) - RF. Stomp beside LF (weight on LF)
5-6-7-8RF. Big step to R side - LF. Drag next to RF (over 2 counts) - LF. Step beside RF (and restart the dance) (9)

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