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One Reason

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Easy Intermediate
Lisa Hillman - December 2012
Give Me One Reason - Eric Clapton & Tracy Chapman
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Start dancing after 16 counts

Section 1 – Cha Cha right, Rock recover, Cha Cha left, back rock
1&2RF to Right, LF beside RF, RF to Right
3 4LF cross over RF. Recover to Right
5&6LF to Left, RF beside LF, LF to LF
7 8RF back rock behind LF, Recover to LF

Section 2 – Kick ball cross, Monterey ½ & Point, Step forward, Turn ¼ left
1&2RF kick forward, Step RF beside LF, LF cross over RF
3 4RF Point out to Right, Make ½ turn to Right (6:00)
5&6LF point to Left, Step LF beside RF, RF point to Right
7 8RF Step forward, Lift both heels and make ¼ turn to left (weight on right) (3:00)

Section 3 – Coaster step, Step, Hold, Ball Step forward, Rock recover, Step back lock
1&2LF step back, RF step beside LF, LF step forward, RF
3 4Step forward, Hold,
&5LF step beside RF, RF forward
6 7Rock LF forward Recover to Right
8&LF step back, RF cross over LF

Section 4 – Step Back and Sweep, Sailor step ½ turn, Ball Step, Hold, Ball Step, Rock Forward
1 2LF step back, Sweep RF back.
3&4RF cross behind LF, ¼ turn R stepping LF slightly back, ¼ turn R stepping RF fwd.(9:00)
&5 6LF step beside RF, Step RF forward, Hold
&7 8LF step beside RF, Step RF forward, LF Rock forward

Section 5 – Recover, Back Lock Back ¼ turn, Jazzbox, Cross shuffle
1 2&3Recover on Right, LF back, RF Lock LF, step LF back ¼ turn to Left (6:00)
4 5 6 7Recover to RF. LF cross over RF, RF step back, LF to left,
8&1Cross RF over LF, Step LF to Left, Cross RF over LF

Section 6 – ¼ Left turn, Step Turn ½ left, Lockstep forward, Step, Touch
2 3 4Step LF to Left with a ¼ turn to left. (3:00), RF step forward, Turn ½ to Left (weight on LF, 9:00)
5&6Step RF forward, Lock LF behind RF, Step RF forward
7 8Step LF forward, Touch RF beside LF

I love Linedance

LineDance and have fun!



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