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One Summer Night

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Miae Lee (KOR) - June 2021
One Summer Night - Chelsia Chan & Kenny Bee
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Intro: 38counts

SECT 1 Big Step, Teach, Side Teach, Drag Collect, Heel Up and Knee Bend, Side Step, Hitch 1/4 Right Turn
1 - 2 LF to l side big step(1), RF teach on LF(2)
& - 3 RF side teach(&), RF drag collect on LF(3)
4-5-6 LF heel up(left knee bend)(4), RF ball change heel up(right knee bend)(5) LF ball change heel up(left knee bend)(6)
7 - 8 LF to l side step(7), RF hitch 1/4 right turn(put right foot on left calf, body direction 3:00)(8)

SECT 2 Fwd, Kick, Hitch, Side 1/4 Left Turn, Hitch, Side 1/4 Right Turn, Hitch, Back, Pivot 1/2 Left Turn,
1-2-& RF forward(3:00)(1), LF kick(2), LF hitch(Left foot and right calf go)(&)
3 - 4 LF side 1/4 left turn(body direction12:00)(3), RF hitch(put right foot on left calf(4)
5 - 6 RF side 1/4 right turn(body direction3:00)(5), LF hitch(put left foot on right calf)(6)
7 - 8 LF back(7), LF RF pivot1/2 left turn(body direction9:00)(8)

SECT 3 Side Teach, Back, Small Sweep, Big Sweep, Back, Side Teach, Back, Sailor 1/2 Left Turn
1 - & RF side teach(body direction9:00)(1), RF back behind LF(&)
2-3-4 LF small sweep(2), LF big sweep(3), LF back behind RF(4)
5 - 6 RF side teach(5), RF back behind LF(6)
7-&-8 saior 1/2 left turn(body direction 9:00 -> 3:00) LF back behind RF(7), RF collect on LF(&), LF forward(body direction 3:00)(8)

SECT 4 Fwd, Side Teach, Back, Side, Back, Chasse 1/4 Right Turn, Back Rock, Recover
1-2-& RF forward(3:00)(1), LF side teach(2), LF back behind RF(&)
3 - 4 RF to r side(3), LF back(4)
5-&-6 chasse 1/4 right turn(3:00 -> 6:00) RF to r side(5), LF collect on RF(&), RF side(body direction 6:00)(6)
7 - 8 LF back rock behind RF(7), RF recover(8)

1 - 2 LF side(left hip sway)(1,2)
3 - 4 in place (right hip sway)(3,4)

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