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Only A Woman

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Karen Hadley (UK) - March 2014
Only a Woman - Enrique Iglesias : (Album: Sex & Love)
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*16 count intro

R Back, L Coaster Step, Sweep, R Cross, L Back, Lunge R, ¼ Turn L, Step R, ½ Turn L, Step R
1Large step back on Right
2&3Step back on Left, step Right beside Left, step forward on Left
&4&Sweep Right out from back to front, cross step Right over Left, step back on Left
5-6Lunge out on Right to right side, recover on to Left with 1/4 turn left (9:00)
7&8Step forward on Right, pivot ½ turn left, step forward on Right (3:00)

Full Triple Forward, Run Back R & L, Twist ¼ Turn R on R, Recover ¼ L, Cross Rock, Side Rock, Back Rock
1&2On ball of Right ½ turn Right stepping back on Left, on ball of Left ½ turn Right stepping forward on Right, step forward on Left. (Alternative for 2&3 – Three runs forward:- L, R, L)
3&Run back on Right, run back on Left
4-5Rock back on Right turning body ¼ right looking over right shoulder, recover ¼ turn left on to Left
6&7&Cross rock Right over Left, recover on to Left, rock on Right out to right side, recover on to Left
8&Rock back on Right, recover on to Left *
*(Restart here at this point on walls 2 & 5 only)

R Step Forward, Sweep, Weave R, Sweep, Behind, L Side, Diagonal Cross Step (1/8 Turn L)
1&Step forward on Right, sweep Left out from back to front
2&3Cross step Left over Right, step Right to right side, cross step Left behind Right
&4&Sweep Right out from front to back, cross step Right behind Left, step Left to left side
5Making 1/8 turn left step forward on Right (1:30)

¼ Turning L Forward Coaster, Back, 3/8 Turn Closing Together, R Large Step Side
6&7Making 1/8 turn left step forward on Left (12:00), step Right beside Left, making 1/8 turn left step back on Left (11:30)
8&1Step back on Right, making 3/8 turn left step Left beside Right (6:00), large step Right to right side

Behind, Side, Cross, Side Rock & Cross, Reverse Rolling Vine Left, Cross Back Rock, ¼ Turn L
2&3Cross step Left behind Right, step Right to right side, cross step Left over Right
4&5Rock on Right out to right side, recover on to Left, cross step Right over Left
6&7Turn ¼ right stepping back on Left, turn ½ right stepping forward on Right, turn ¼ right stepping Left to left side
8&Cross rock Right behind Left, recover on to Left making ¼ turn Left (3:00)

Begin again & enjoy :-)

Restarts:- On walls 2 & 5 only, dance up to count 16 &, then Restart the dance from count 1, so you will be doing a back rock recover, then stepping back on Right instead of forward facing 6 o'clock on wall 2 and facing 3 o'clock on wall 5).



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