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High Improver
Tina Argyle – Sept 2015
Good Morning Beautiful by Nathan Carter - single download from iTunes etc… from Beautiful Life Album
Count In : 18 counts from start of track - count 2 sets of 8 then count in 7,8 using the odd 2 counts
(15 seconds into the track)

Diagonal Step Fwd. Step ½ Pivot Turn Step. Full Turn Fwd, Switching Forward Rock Steps, Run Back RLR with Sweep
1Step forward right to right diagonal
2&3Step forward left, make ½ pivot turn right onto right to face opposite corner, step forward left
4&Make ½ turn left stepping back, Make ½ turn left stepping fwd left (or 2 walks forward)
5Rock forward onto right (still facing the corner)
6&7Recover weight onto left, step right at side of left, rock forward onto left
8&1Run back right, left, right (first run back is the recover from the rock step) sweep left leg anti- clockwise with last run back

Sailor Step 1/8 Turn Basic, Sailor Step Basic, Sailor ½ Turn, Half Circle Turn
2&3Cross left behind right, step right in place, make 1/8 turn right taking a large side step left sweeping right leg clock-wise (9 o’clock)
4&5Cross right behind left, rock left to left side, take long basic step right to right side sweeping left leg anti-clockwise
6&7Cross left behind right making ¼ turn left, step right at side of left, make ¼ turn left stepping fwd left (3 o’clock)
&8Make ¼ turn left stepping right at side of left, make ¼ turn left stepping fwd left (9 o’clock)
&Step right at side of left

Basic with Cross Rock, Recover ¼ Turn. 1/2 Pivot Turn, ½ Turn Sweep, Walks Back With Sweeps, Behind, Side, Cross With Sweep
1Take long basic step left to left side
2&3Cross rock right over left, recover, make ¼ turn right stepping forward right (12 o’clock)
4&Step forward left, make ½ pivot turn onto right (6 o’clock) (or mambo fwd left recover keep facing 12 o‘clock)
5Make ½ turn right stepping back left (step back left for mambo option) sweeping right leg clockwise (12 o’clock)
6 - 7Step back right sweeping left leg anti-clockwise. Step back left sweeping right leg clockwise
8&1Cross right behind left, step left to left side, cross right over left sweeping left leg clockwise

Cross, Side , Behind with Sweep, Behind side, Right Cross Rock, Switch Left Cross Rock, Recover 1/2 Turn Step Fwd
2&3Cross left over right, step right to right side, cross left behind right leg sweeping clockwise
4&Cross right behind left, step left to left side
5 - 6Cross rock right over left, Recover weight onto left - (body angled to left diagonal for rock step)
&7Step right to right side squaring up to 12 o’clock, cross rock left (body angled to right hand corner),
8&Recover weight back onto right still facing corner, make ½ turn left stepping fwd to left to face opposite top right corner facing 6 o’clock

Tag : End of Wall 4 facing right diagonal of 12 o’clock add 2 walks forward Right then Left still facing the corner.
Re-start the dance from the beginning.

Thanks to Louise G for encouraging me to pick this dance back up again and finish it x

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