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Out of My League

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Low Intermediate
Laura Lopez (USA) - May 2016
Make You Mine - High Valley
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Intro 16 counts

S:1: Stomp Rx2 Stomp Lx2 Skate fwd x4
1-2Foot is put down flat with force lift up and repeat on right
3-4Foot is put down flat with force lift up and repeat on left
5Skate forward to the R diagonal
6Skate Forward to the L diagonal
7Skate forward to the R diagonal
8Skate forward to the L diagonal

S:2: Ball rock roll, recover Shuffle back R&L, step quarter turn left with body roll
&1-2step on ball of right next to left, rock forward on left as you roll body forward, recover back on right as you roll body up and back
3&4Step back on L & Step ball of R next to L to Step back on L
5&6Step back on R & Step ball of L next to R to Step back on R
7&8Step out on left with quarter turn (9:00) with body roll

S:3: Side slide Claps R and Left, stepx2 with hands raised bring feet in with clap,
1-2slide out to the right clap
3-4slide out to the left clap
5-6step behind away to the right, have right hand raised up parallel to shoulder and then step behind away on left with left hand raised up parallel to should same level with right hand
7&8bring in both feet heels first together then toes together then heels bringing to the center clap on 8

S:4: lean back, right left forward and back points, scuff
1-4With weight on the left lean back and end with weight on the right.
5&6Point to the right with right and then shift weight to point to the left with left
7&8Shift weight to point forward and point back ending with right foot swinging forward with just heel touching

One Restart : Start the first 20 counts of the dance facing the 4th wall (3:00) end facing the front after stepping to the left with the quarter turn and body roll , side clap to the right and left and then begin the dance again with the stomps on the right !

Styling notes: When skating forwards (first 5-8 counts of the dance ) for the chorus , fun hop skips work very well! Walls #3 and #6 continue on until the song ends !

When leaning back last set of 8 counts the first 4 counts think “matrix” lean as far back as you feel comfortable have both your hands reach out front for the whole 4 counts of the lean, kind of like riding a motorcycle that's going really fast!



Last Update – 17th June 2016


LauraLove May 11, 2016
Note one the restart: it's 4 counts after the second section so after the two side slide claps you'll side slide clap to the right then the left and then restart!

Renae November 14, 2016
We had a dance to Make You Mine at my club but we LOVE LOVE LOVE doing this to "Suave (Kiss Me) (ft. Pitbull & Mohombi)". Great dance, and so much fun!

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