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Outlander Skye

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Improver waltz
LD Crazy Mike (Mikael Erlandsson) (SWE) - August 2015
The Sky Boat Song (Theme From TV Series Outlander) by Dominik Hauser feat Kathryn Jones
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S1: Right Twinkle (travelling Forward) , Step Sweep R ¼ turn L start Crossing R over L
1 - 3Cross right over left , step left diagonally forward left, bring right next to left then diagonally right (Direction : Moving Forward)
4 - 6Cross Left foot over Right , Sweep Right foot from behind in front of Left and turn ¼ Turn L on your way to cross Right foot over left

S2: Cross, side behind, ¼ turn Left , Kick Right foot forward X2
1 - 3Cross Right foot over left, step Left foot to the side, Cross Right foot behind Left
4 - 6Turn ¼ to the Left by stepping Left foot forward (5 &6) make to low kick´s forward with Right Foot twice

S3: Full Triple turn over Right Shoulder, Step Forward on Left Foot , Sweep Right foot in front of Left
1 - 3Full Triple Turn over your Right Shoulder , stepping Right, Left ,Right on spot
4 - 6Step forward Left Foot on 4, On 5-6 Sweep Right foot from behind in front starting crossing Left foot

S4: Cross, Back Back, Cross Back 1/4 turn Left
1 - 3Cross Right over Left, take a small step back on left foot, and then a small step back on Right foot, travelling backwards
4 - 6Cross Left foot over Right, Take a small step back on your Right Foot, Turn a ¼ turn L By stepping L foot to the side

S5: R Cross Rock Side , Turn 1 /8 to Right Diagonal and make Left Basic waltz step forward starting like waltz diamond diagonally
1 - 3Cross Rock with Right foot over Left, Recover on Left, step Right foot to the side (3 a´clock)
4 - 6Turn 1/8 to the Right Diagonal making a Left Basic Waltz step forward, stepping Left right Left

S6: Continue Waltz Diamond By Turning a ¼ to the right On Next Diagonal making Basic waltz step backwards, Turn ¼ turn Right on Next Diagonal and make a basic waltz step forward
1 - 3Turn a ¼ turn Right to next diagonal, making basic waltz step backwards stepping Right, Left Right
4 - 6Turn a ¼ turn Right to Next Diagonal Making basic waltz step Forward. Stepping Left Right Left
7Finish Full turn waltz diamond Turning 3/8 over right shoulder, making Basic waltz step Backwards,

S7: Step Forward on L, Point Right Hold
1 - 3Finnish The full turn waltz Diamond by turning 3/8 over right shoulder (back to 3 a´ clock) Making basic waltz Step Backwards – stepping Right, Left Right
4 - 6Step forward on your left Foot, Point Your Right Foot to Right Side and Hold for 1 count

S8: Step Back Point Hold, Step L , Sweep Right Foot in a half circle a ½ Turn Left
1 - 3Take a step back on Right Foot, Point Your Left Foot to your left side, and hold for 1 count
4 - 6On 1- take a step forward on Left foot , on 2-3 Sweep your Right foot in a wide half circle ½ over your Left Shoulder

ENDING When music is to end you are in section 3 and at 3 a´clock
Ending on last count when sweep right foot in front of left – Instead Sweep right foot from behind in front of left, in same time as you turn ¼ to Left

Enjoy the Dance and have fun :)



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