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Michael W. Diven (USA)
Good Year for the Outlaw - Matt Mason
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16 count intro, start dancing on lyrics.
There are quite a few turns in this little dance, but easy enough that anyone is able to do them.

Rock, Recover, Cross, Rock, Recover, Cross, ¼ Turn, Step, Crossing Shuffle
1&2Rock out to right side on right foot, recover weight back to left foot, cross step right over left
3&4Rock out to left side on left foot, recover weight back to right foot, cross step left over right
5Pivot ¼ turn left, stepping back on right foot
6Step left foot to left side
7&8Cross step right over left foot, step left foot slightly to the left side, cross step right over left

Touch, Step, Heel, Step, Toe, Heel, Cross Step, Touch, Step, Heel, Step, Heel, Hook, Touch
1&2&Touch left toe to left side, step left foot next to right, touch right heel forward, step right foot next to left
3&4Touch left toe next to right foot, touch left heel next to right, cross step left foot over right
5&6&Touch right toe to right side, step right foot next to left, touch left heel forward, step left foot next to right
7&8Touch right heel forward, cross right foot across left knee, touch right heel forward

¼ Turn, ½ Turn, Cross Behind, ¼ Turn, ½ Turn, Kick, Ball, Step
1-2Pivot ¼ turn right stepping right foot to right side, pivot ½ turn right while stepping left foot to left side
3-4Cross step right foot behind left foot, pivot ¼ turn left stepping forward on left foot
5-6Step forward on right foot, pivot ½ turn left
7&8Kick right foot forward, step right foot next to left, step forward on left foot


This step sheet is provided by Michael Diven – Instructor/Choreographer for Dare 2 Dance Productions.
If you have any questions regarding this step sheet or for booking information, please contact us at (717) 651-9453 or e-mail us at
You can even visit us on the web at .
Dare 2 Dance is available for any dance venue across the country and abroad.


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