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Outlaws of Love

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High Intermediate / Advanced NC2
Jill Babinec, Joey Warren (USA) & Will Craig (USA) - October 2013
Outlaws of Love - Adam Lambert : (Album: Trespassing)
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(Written for WCLDM Pro-Choreography Challenge Oct 2013)

Sequence: Dance – 16 – Tagstart – Dance – Tag – Dance – 15 Restart – Dance to end

[1-8] ¼ L into ¾ Chase Turn Prep, Full Lifted Spiral Turn Prep, ¾ Unwind with Sweep, Weave to ¼
1-2&3Turn ¼ left stepping side L (9:00), Turn ¼ L stepping forward R (6:00), Pivot ½ left on R and place weight on L (12:00), “Prep” step forward R (getting ready for turn)
4-5Step forward L and turn ½ right as you slightly hitch R knee (6:00), Continue with another ½ turn right and finish with R stepped across L with soft knees and upper body torqued slightly to right (12:00) Note to sum it up: these two counts are a full “lifted” spiral turn ending with legs crossed slightly with weight forward R and body “wound up” to reverse the turn
6-7“Unwind” turning ¾ left on ball of R while sweeping L front to back (3:00), Step L behind R
&8&Step side R, Step L across R, Turn ¼ L stepping back R (12:00)

[9-16] ¼, Sway, Sway, Basic, Sway, Sway, R out L behind, R out
1-2Turn ¼ L stepping side L into sway left (9:00) , Sway right placing weight R
3-4&Step side L and drag R to L, Step on ball of R behind L, Step L across R
5-6Step side R into sway right, Sway left placing weight L
7-8&Step R to side, Step L behind R, Step R to side (angling towards 11:00 corner)
(*Tagstart place) (^^Restart place)

[17-24] Diamond (or bases), ¼ ½ chase ½ ½
These next counts draw 3 points of a diamond, or 1st-2nd- 3rd base on a baseball diamond
1-2&3L step forward towards 11:00 diagonal onto “1st base”, Step forward R, Turn 1/4 right to face 1:00 stepping L back towards 7:00 diagonal onto “2nd base”, Step back R
4&5Step back L (still facing 1:00, moving towards 7:00), Turn ¼ right to face 5:00 stepping forward R onto “3rd base”, Step L across R
6-7Turn just over 1/4 left to square up to 12:00 stepping back R, Turn ½ left stepping forward L (6:00)
&8&Step forward R, pivot ½ left on R and place weight on L (12:00), Turn ½ left stepping back R (6:00)

[25-32] ¼ into Basic, Basic Rock-Recover, ¼ Walk, ½, Back Prep
1-2&NC Basic: Turn ¼ left stepping side L (3:00), step on ball of R behind L, step L across R
3-4&NC Rock-Recover Basic: Step side R, Rock L behind R, Place weight on R
5-6Turn ¼ left stepping forward L (12:00) add slight sweep of R from back to front for styling as you then Step forward R
7-8Turn ½ right stepping back L and slightly sweep R front to back (6:00), Step back on R
(**Tag place)


*TagStart: On second time through you dance through count 16 and will be facing your current 11:00 corner (clock times from the back wall as reference 12).
Add a 4 count walk around to reset and start dance on the original back wall.
1, 2, 3Step fwd L towards 11:00, Turn slightly left stepping fwd R towards 9:00, Turn slightly left stepping fwd L towards 7:00
&4&Turning slightly left step fwd R towards 5:00, Turning slightly left step fwd L towards 3:00, Square up to 12:00 step back R
Start from the top of the dance now facing your original back wall.

**Tag: At end of third time through (you’ve danced a complete sequence), add two pivots then start again.
1, 2Turn ½ left stepping forward L, Step forward R,
3, 4Pivot ½ left on R placing weight on L, Turn ½ left stepping back R
Start from the top of the dance now facing your original back wall.

^^Restart: During the fifth time sequence you dance through count 15 (5: sway R, 6: L, 7: step R), then add ¼ back, back for new 8& step
(5,6,7 Sway R, Sway L, Step R to side,)
8&Turn ¼ left stepping back L, Step back R
Start from the top of the dance now facing your original back wall.



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