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Paper Love
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Phrased Advanced WCS style
Lilian Lo – November 2018
Paper Love by Allie X – CollXtion II (3.17 mins)
Phrasing: AABA AABA A
Intro: 32 counts (21 seconds from the start of track)

Part A: 32 counts
A1 (1 – 8) Step, ½ R, back, coaster step, ½ R, back, back, coaster step
1,2,3&4Step RF forward (1), ½ turn R, step LF back (2), step RF back (3), close LF to RF (&),step RF forward (4) (facing 6:00)
5,6,7&8½ turn R stepping LF back (5), step RF back (6), step LF back (7),Close RF to LF (&), Step LF forward (8) (facing 12:00)

A2 (9 – 16) Side rock cross x 2, side tap, body roll, side, close, side
1&2Step RF to R side rock R (1), replace on LF (&), cross RF over LF (2)
3&4Step LF to L side rock L (3), replace on RF (&), cross LF over RF (4)
&5,6Hand roll (&), tap RF to side, body roll (bring hands overhead to brush hair) (5,6)
7&Complete body roll, put weight on RF (7), close LF to RF (&),
8Step RF to side (extend R arm to R side at shoulder height) (8)

A3 (17 – 24&) Tap, unwind ¾ L, ½ L x 2, sit, hip rock, rise, walk, walk, ¼ R
1Tap LF behind RF (place L hand on R shoulder) (1) (facing 12:00)
2Unwind ¾ L ending with weight on RF (while turning, slide L hand across R arm from shoulder to hand and continue sliding R hand from L hand to L shoulder, across chest, ending at R chest) (2) (facing 3:00)
3&4Step LF on spot (3), ½ turn L stepping RF back (&), ½ turn L, tap L forward, landing at a diagonal angle in sitting position with weight on RF (4) (facing 3:00)
5,6Rock hip to L (5), rock hip to R (6)
7,8&Rise, step LF forward (7), step RF forward (8), ¼ turn R (&) (facing 6:00)

A4 (25 – 32) Lock forward, ¼ L, side rock, ¼ L, R forward, hook, ½ R, L forward, tap, unwind
1&2&Step LF forward (1), cross RF behind LF (&), step LF forward (2), ¼ turn L (&)
3&4Step RF to side, rock R (3), ¼ turn stepping LF in place (&), step RF forward (4) (facing 12:00)
5½ turn R on RF hooking LF foot on heel of RF with knees bent and turned out (5) (facing 12:00)
&6,7,8Step LF forward (&), tap RF behind LF (6), unwind full turn R ending with weight on right (7,8) (facing 6:00)

Part B
B1 (&1 – 8) Step side, tap, unwind, cross, side, cross
1Step RF to R side (push hands up, palms outward) (1)
2Hold (bring arms down to sides) (2)
3,4Tap LF behind RF (turn palms inward) (3), hold (4)
5,6Unwind full turn L ending with weight on RF (scoop R hand down and swing up finishing at the top) (5,6) (facing 12:00)
7&8Cross LF over RF (7), step RF to R side (&), cross LF over RF (8) (bring arms to sides)

B2 (&9 – 16) Step, close, heel tap, side rock, cross, ¼ R, ½ R, ¼ R, tap
&1,2Step RF to R side (&), close LF next to RF tapping both heels (arms waving like
 bird wings) (1), heels tap (bird wing wave) (2)
3&4Step RF to R side, rock R (3), replace on LF (&) cross RF over LF (4)
5&¼ turn R closing LF to RF (5), ½ turn R stepping RF to R side (&)
6¼ turn R stepping LF to L side (6) (facing 12:00)
7Tap RF behind LF (slash R hand from L shoulder across chest) (7)
8Hold (Complete the slash to R side) (8)

B3 (17 – 24) Bend knees, side rock cross, side rock ½ L
1,2Keep weight on LF, bend both knees (head down, arms extend backward, fingers apart (1), hold (2)
3,4Keep knees bent (head up, cover eyes with hands, turn palms out, fingers apart) (3), Pull hands away from face (4)
5&6Rise, step RF to R side, rock R (5), replace on LF (&), cross RF over LF (6)
7&8Step LF to L side, rock L (7), replace on RF (&), ½ turn L stepping LF to L side (8) (facing 6:00)

B4 (25 – 32) Sailor step, ½ L, coaster step, weave ½ R
1&2Cross RF behind LF (1), close LF next to RF (&), step RF to R diagonal (2)
3&4½ turn L stepping LF back (3), close RF next to LF (&), step LF foward (4)(facing 12:00)
5&6&Cross RF over LF (5), step LF to L side (&), cross RF behind LF (6), step LF to L side (&)
7&8&Cross RF over LF (7), step LF to L side (&), cross RF behind LF (8), step LF to L side (&)
(On the last 4 counts, make a half circle from L to R to turn around to face 6:00)

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