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Paper Plate Waltz

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Easy Intermediate
Sandy Kerrigan (AUS) - July 2014
Seasons of Love by HeartBeat Duo/Album/Once In A Life Time/iTunes
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Dance starts: On Lyrics: wt on R - Version 1:00 – [BPM: 105] Track Length 3:30

Step Side, Back Cross, Step Side, Drag, Together 12:00
1 2 3Step L to L, Step/Cross R behind L, Cross L over R
4 5 6Step R to R (wide step) Drag L to R, Step L next to R (wt on L)

Weave with ¼ L, ½ Pivot Turn L 3:00
1 2 3Cross R over L, Step L to L, Cross R behind L
4 5 6Turn ¼ L-Step Fwd L, Step Fwd R, ½ Pivot Turn L (wt on L)

Step Fwd, ½ R Step Back, ¼ R to Side, Step Side, Drag, Turn ¼ Hook 3:00
1 2 3Step Fwd R, Turning ½ R-Step Back on L, ¼ R-Step R to R
4 5 6Push Step L to L Side, Drag R to meet L,** Turn ¼ R-Hook R over L (use L foot to turn ¼)
RESTART HERE WALL 5:(facing 12:00 wall-No Hook, Drag R to meet L-Step R next to L)

Lock Fwd, ½ Pivot Turn, Step Fwd 9:00
1 2 3Step Fwd R, Lock L behind R, Step Fwd on R
4 5 6Step Fwd L, ½ Pivot Turn R (wt on R,) Step Fwd L

Step Fwd, ½ R Back, Step Together, Step Fwd, Together, Together (Basic) 3:00
1 2 3Step Fwd R, Turning ½ R-Step Back on L, Step R next to L
4 5 6Step Fwd L, Step R next to L, Step L next to R

Step Back, Drag, Hook,3 Step Circular walk around with 3/8th Turn L (Front L45°)
1 2 3Long Step back on R, Drag L to R, Hook L over R
4 5 6 3Step Circular Walk around to face front L45°-Walk L, R, L (L slightly to cross over R)

Step Back R, Brush L to R, Step Fwd L, ½ Pivot Turn L, Step Fwd (Back L45°)
1 2 3Step Back R (lifting R Heel) Brush L next to R, Step Fwd L (front L45°)
4 5 6Step Fwd R, ½ Pivot Turn L (wt on L,) Step Fwd R

Fwd Rock Step, Step Back, Back Rock Step, Step Fwd (Back L45°)
1 2 3Rock Fwd L, Replace Back to R, Step Back L
4 5 6Rock back R, Replace Back to L, Step Fwd R
[48] To start the dance again, Step L to L Side – Turning R to 6:00 wall.

Note: This dance was mostly choreographed in my coffee break at work,
Whilst listening to the song on facebook, all I could find to write
My notes on was a white paper plate..Hence the name.
Thank you to HeartBeat Duo for the amazing song, and friendship.

Contact: - - 0412 723 326

Last Update - 20th July 2014


HeartBeat July 15, 2014
Thank you Sandy for choreographing this lovely dance to one of our Original Songs from our New Album 'Once In a Lifetime'. Music available at:

Ra July 20, 2014
Love the dance, the music and the demo

Amor July 27, 2014
I could dance to this music all day and maybe all night. It's so so ......relaxing and the steps lovely to move to as well.

HeartBeat July 28, 2014
Great comments Ra and Amor ~ Yes Sandy has done a lovely job of capturing the feeling of the music in her flowing steps….

Dewi July 28, 2014
Both the music and the dance........touch my heart............

jackster August 5, 2014
Love it,such a graceful dance and music is beautiful .... Excellent combination.

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