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Paris In The Rain (CBA 2018)
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Intermediate WCS
José miguel Belloque Vane, (NL) & Sebastien Bonnier, (FR). January 2018
Paris In The Rain - Lauv (Single 2017)
Restart in wall 3 after 32 counts, start again facing 3 o`clock.
Introduction: 16 counts, start on words (ooh ooh ooh) approx. 14 sec.

PART 1. [1-8] Syncopated L Rock Fwd & Step with Chest Pumps Twice, Mambo Step R, Walks Back L, R (optional: Skates back L, R), Coaster Step L with Sweep R.
1&2Step L forward, Recover back onto R (1&), Step L fwd (2)
(NB: At the counts 1&2: Pump with your chest twice).
3&4Mambo R fwd (3), Recover back onto L (&), Step R slightly back (4).
5,6Optional Skate L, R: Walk L back (5), Walk R back (6).
7&8Step L back (7), Step R beside L (&), Step L fwd and sweep R from back to front (8).

PART 2. [9-16] Syncopated Weave L, Sweep, Weave R, ¼ Pivot Turn L, Continue a ¼ Turn L, Side, Arm Movement
1&2Step R across L (1), Step L to L (&), Step R behind L and sweep L from front to back (2).
3&4Step L behind R (3), Step R to R (&), Step L across R (4).
5&6Step R fwd, Pivot ¼ turn L (9.00) over L (&), Continue a ¼ turn L (6.00) step R to R.
7,8Look up & look down while you open your umbrella in the rain (7,8).

PART 3. [17-24] Side Rock L / Recover with Shoulder Push L, Behind, Step, Step, Syncopated Pivot Turn L, 1 ½ Syncopated Spin Turn R with Sweep R.
1-2Rock L to L and push L shoulder up (1), Recover back onto R (2).
3&4Step L behind R (3), Make ¼ turn R (9.00) stepping R fwd (&), Step L fwd (4).
5&6Step R fwd (5), Pivot ¼ turn L (3.00) over L (&), Step R forward (6).
7&8Make 1 ½ syncopated spin turn R (9.00) and sweep R from front to back (7&8).

PART 4. [25-32] Behind, Side, 1/8 Turn R, Step Lock Step R, Step, Syncopated Pivot Turn L, Big Step R with Slide 1/8 Turn L with Arm Movement, Together.
1&Step R behind L (1), Step L to L (&).
2&3Make 1/8 turn R (10.30) step R fwd (2), Lock L behind R (&), Step R fwd (3).
4On diagonal: Step L fwd (4).
5&On diagonal: Step R fwd (5), Pivot ¼ turn L (4.30) over L (&).
6Make 1/8 turn L (3.00) step R big to R and drag L toewards while you turn your R hand to front with palm up to ceiling (6).
7,8Bring your L hand together R (7), Step L beside R holding weight on R and clap hands together (8).
Restart here in wall 3 after 32 counts, after start again (facing 3 o'clock).

PART 5. [33-40] ½ Triple Turn L, 2x Camel Walks R, L, ½ Triple Turn R, 2x Camel Walks L, R.
1&2Triple ½ turn L (9.00) L, R, L (1&2).
3,4Step R fwd while you pop L knee fwd (3), Step L fwd while you pop R knee fwd (4).
5&6Triple ½ turn R (3.00) R, L, R (5&6).
7,8Step L fwd while you pop R knee fwd (7), Step R fwd while you pop L knee fwd (8).

PART 6. [41-48] Side with ¼ Turn R, Cross, Side, Drag, Touch, Side, Cross, Side, Drag, Touch.
1&Make ¼ turn R (6.00) step L to L, Step R across L.
2,4Step L big to L and drag R toewards L (2,3), Touch R beside L (4).
5&Step R to R (5), Step L across R (&).
6,8Step R big to R and drag L toewards R (6,7), Touch L beside R (8).


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