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Roy Verdonk (NL), Sebastiaan Holtland (NL) & José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) - July 2017
Party - JP Cooper : (CD: Raised Under Grey Skies 2017 - iTunes & other mp3 sites - 3:23)
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Introduction: 8 counts, start on approx 05 sec. No Tags Or Restarts.

Part 1. [1-9] Scuff R, Out, Out, Together, Cross Mambo L with ¼ Turn L, Step, ½ Turn L, Sweep Back L, Behind, Side, 1/8 R Forward, Step Lock Step R Diagonal.
1&2&Scuff R forward, Step R out to R, Step L out to L, Step R beside L.
3&4Step L across R, Recover back onto R, Making ¼ turn L (9.00) step L forward.
5Step R forward making ½ turn L (3.00) and sweep L from front to back.
6&7Step L behind R, Making 1/8 turn (4.30) step R slightly forward, Step L forward.
8&1Step R forward, Lock L behind R, Step R forward.

Part 2. [10-17] ½ Pivot Turn R, Shuffle L with ½ Turn R with Heel Drag L, Hold, Together, Step, Side Rock & Step with 3/8 Turn L.
2-3On diagonal: Step L forward, Pivot Turn ½ turn R (10.30) over L and taking weight onto R.
4&5On diagonal: Continue a ½ turn R (4.30) step L back, Step R beside L, Step L back and drag R heel towards L.
6&7On diagonal: Hold, Step R beside L, Step L forward
8&1Making 1/8 turn L (3.00) step R to R, Making ¼ turn L (12.00) recover back onto L, Step R forward.

Part 3. [18-24] ½ Turn R, Back, Continue a ½ Turn R with R Shuffle Fwd, Fwd Rock / Recover, Sugar Foot R, Back, ¼ Turn L with Hitch L.
2Making ½ turn R (6.00) step L back.
3&4Continue a ½ turn R (12.00) step R forward, Step L beside R, Step R forward.
5-8Step L forward, Recover back onto R.
7-8Step L back and push R toes to R and holding R heel on the floor, Step R back, Making ¼ turn L (9.00) hitch R knee up.

Part 4. [25-32] Behind, Side, 1/8 Turn L, Step Lock Step L, Hold, 1/8 Turn R, Cross, Hold, Side, Heel Ball Step R.
1&Step L behind R, Step R to R.
2&3Making 1/8 turn L (7.30) step L forward, Lock R behind L, Step L forward.
5-6Making 1/8 turn R (9.00) step R across L, Hold.
&7Step L to L, Touch R heel diagonal forward.
&8Step R back in place on ball, Step L forward. (9.00)


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