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Alison Johnstone (AUS) & Winston Yew (SG) - July 2014
Pasarela - Daddy Yankee : (Single)
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Start: 3 counts in (2 seconds) Immediately after OOOOHHH on word Morello

(1-8) Walk, Walk, Forward Lock Step, Rock, Recover, ¼ Left Sailor (9.00)
1, 2Walk forward Right, Left
3&4Step forward Right, Lock Left behind (&), Step forward Right (Lock Step)
5, 6,Rock forward Left, Recover Right
7&8Step Left behind Right, ¼ Turn over Left stepping Right to side (&), Step Left to side

(9-16) Side Rock, Recover, Behind, Side Cross, Side Rock, Recover, Behind, Side, Cross
1, 2Rock Right to side, Recover on Left
3&4Step Right behind Left, Step Left to side (&), Cross Right over Left
5, 6Rock Left to side, Recover on Right
7&8Step Left behind Right, Step Right to side (&), Cross Left over Right

(17-24) Merengue Side, Together, Side, Touch, ½ Over Left Volta (3.00)
1, 2With Merengue feel (hips)…..Step Right to side, Step Left beside Right
3, 4Step Right to side, Touch Left next to Right
5&6&Step on Left, Step Right toe behind Left (&), Step on Left, Step Right toe behind Left (&)
7&8Step on Left, Step Right toe behind Left (&), Step on Left (Volta)
(Complete ½ turn circle over left shoulder during counts 5-8 in this section)

(25-32) Forward Rock, Recover, Back Lock Step, Reverse Rocking Chair
1, 2Rock forward Right, Recover on Left
3&4Step back on Right, Lock Left over Right (&), Step back on Right
5, 6Rock back on Left, Recover on Right
7, 8Rock forward on Left, Recover on Right (Reverse Rocking Chair)

(33-40) Ball Cross, Hold, Ball Cross, Ball Cross, Sway Left, Right, Left, Right
&1, 2Ball step on Left (&), Cross Right over Left, Hold
&3&4Ball step on Left (&), Cross Right over Left, Ball step on Left (&), Cross Right over Left,
5, 6Sway Left stepping Left to Side, Sway Right
7, 8Sway Left, Sway Right

(41-48) Cross, Side, Behind, Side, Heel, Switch, ¼ Over Right Jazz Box (6.00)
1, 2, 3Cross Left over Right, Step Right Side, Cross Left behind Right
&4&Step Right to side (&), Touch Left heel forward to Left diagonal, Step Left beside Right (&)
5, 6Cross Right over left, Step back on Left turning 1/8 over Right
7, 8Step Right to side turning 1/8 over Right, Step Left to side ( ¼ turning Jazz box)

(49-56) Cross Samba, Cross Samba, Forward Rock, Recover, Coaster Step
1&2Cross Right over Left, Rock Left to Side (&), Recover Right
3&4Cross Left over Right, Rock Right to Side (&), Recover Left
5, 6Rock forward on Right, Recover Left
7&8Step back on Right, Step Left together, Step forward Right (Coaster step)

(57-64) Diagonal Lock Step, Diagonal Lock Step, Cross Rock, Recover, Side, Flick
1&2Step Left forward to Left diagonal, Lock Right behind Left, Step Left forward to Left diagonal
3&4Step Right forward to Right diagonal, Lock Left behind Right, Step Right forward to Right diagonal
(Above 4 counts danced with Hip pushes)
5, 6Cross Rock Left over Right, Recover Right
7, 8Long step Left to Left side, Drag Right towards Left flicking Right foot back


END OF DANCE: Dance finishes facing front at end of dance………..WOOOOOO Big flick finish!!



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