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Russibell Seoh - October 2019
Passion 열정 By YoYoMi 요요미
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Tag : 8 Counts After Wall 6 (Facing 6:00)
Tag : Rocking Chair, R Side , Touch, L Side, Touch
1234Step R Fwd Rock ,L Recover, Step R Back Rock , L Recover
5 6Step R Side(Hip Sway To The R), Touch L to L Side
7 8Step L Side( Hip Sway To The L) , Touch R To R Side

Intro : 48 Counts

Sec1. Pressy Waslk R(L), Hold, R side , L Touch, L Side , R Touch
1234Step R across L , Hold, Step L across R , Hold
56Step R Side (Hip Sway To the R), Touch L to L Side
78Step L Side (Hip Sway To The L), Touch R To R Side
Sec2. R Side, behind, R Side, 1/4 L Turn Step L Fwd, R Side Rock, Recover, Together, L Side Rock ,Recover
1234Step R Side, Step L Behind R, Step R Side, 1/4 L Step L Fwd (9:00)
56&Step R Side Rock, L Recover, Step R Next To L
78Step L Side Rock , R Recover

Sec3. (Step Back , Side Point) X2, 1/4 L Turn Jazzbox
1234Step L Back , R Side Point, Step R Back , L Side Point.
5678Cross L Over R . 1/4 L Turn Step R Back , L Side , Touch R Next To L(6 : 00)

Sec4. Pressy Walk R , Hold, Pressy Walk L , Jump , Body Roll . Chest PopX2 Or Clap X2
1234Step R across L, Hold ,Step L across R , Jump both feet apart.
56Wave your body from top to bottom
78Chest Pop X2 ,Weight On L (Easy Option Clap X 2)

Sec5. Rocking Chair , Full Turn To L, Fwd Shuffle.
1234Step R Fwd Rock ,L Recover, Step R Back Rock , L Recover
561/2 L Turn Step R Back, 1/2 L Turn Step L Fwd
7&8Step R Fwd, Lock L Behind R, Step R Fwd

Sec6. Rocking Chair, 1/4 R Turn Pivot , Cross, Hitch
1234Step L Fwd Rock , R Recover, Step L Back Rock , R Recover
56Step L Fwd , 1/4 R Turn Step R (9:00)
78L Cross Over R, Hitch R Across L

Happy Dancing !!^~^

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Last Update - 18 Oct. 2019


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