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Sandy Kerrigan (AUS) - July 2008
Pennies From Heaven - Frank Sinatra
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Or Music:
My Way - The Best of Frank Sinatra
My Heart Breaks - Kate Ballantyne/Rhonda Lee/Kelvin Nolan
Album - Fandango - Too Hot To Handle
Shakin' Stevens - You Drive Me Crazy
Shania Twain - Crime of The Century
Skyhooks - Horror Movie

R Sailor, ¼ L Sailor Turn, Point R Side, Cross R Over L, Double Kick L
1&2 Cross R Behind L, Step L to L Side, Replace wt to R,
3&4 Turning 1/4 L - Cross L Behind R 9:00, Step R to R Side, Replace wt to L
5-8 Point R to R Side, Cross R over L, Double Kick L fwd to Side L45°

Tap Back, Kick Fwd, Behind, ¼ R Fwd, Step Fwd, Cross, Cross, Step Side, Close
1-3&4 Tap L Toe Back, Kick L Fwd to Side L45°, Cross L Behind R, Turning ¼ R Step Fwd R, Step Fwd L 12:00
5-8 Cross R Over L, Cross L Over R, Step R to R Side (wide step) Step L Tog

R Side Shuffle, Rock Back, Rep Fwd, ¼ R Step Back, Point, ½ L Step Back, Point
1&2-4 Step R to R, Step L Tog, Step R to R, Rock Back L, Rep wt Fwd to R
5-8 Turning ¼ R - Step Back L, Point R Fwd 3:00, Turning ½ L - Step Back R, Point L Fwd

½ R Step Back, Point R, Lock Shuffle Back, 4 Backward Crazy Walks
1,2,3&4 Turning ½ R - Step Back L, Point R Fwd 3:00, Step Back R, Cross L Over R, Step Back R
5,6,7,8 Hitch L Cross Behind R, Hitch R Cross Behind L, Hitch L Cross Behind R, Hitch R Cross Behind L (Travel back)

Back L Coaster, Cross, Point, Cross, Point, Step Fwd ¼ Pivot L, Fwd ¼ Pivot L
1&2-4 Step Back L, Step R Tog, Step Fwd L, Cross R over L, Point L to L Side 3:00
5-8 Cross L over R, Point R to R Side, Touch R Fwd ¼ Pivot L, Touch R Fwd ¼ Pivot L, (1 count Pivot Turns)

R Cross Shuffle, Side Rock, Rep,L Cross Shuffle, ¼ L Back, ½ L Step F
1&2-4 Cross Shuffle R over L, L Side Rock, Replace to R 9:00
5&6-8 Cross Shuffle L over R, Turning L - ¼ L Step Back R, ½ L Step Fwd L 12:00

Step Fwd, Hitch, Shuffle Back , Turning R Step Side, Hitch L, Step Side, Drag R Tog
1-3&4 Turning to face 11:00 - Step Fwd R, Hitch L, Shuffle Back L, R, L,
5-8 Turning R to Face 3:00 Wall - Step R to R Side, Hitch L across R, Step L To L Side, Drag R to Meet L 3:00

Ball Cross, Hold, R Side Shuffle, ½ L Behind Unwind, Step Out R, Step Out L
&1-3&4 Step Back On ball of R, Cross L Over R, Hold, Step Side R, Step L Tog, Step R to R
5-8 Cross L Behind R, Unwind ½ Turn L, Flick R Behind L Heel-Step Fwd R, Flick L Behind R Heel-Step Fwd L 9:00 (feet apart)

SPECIAL NOTE: This dance is for you (Judge) Deirdre, thank you for bringing the song to my attention.



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