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Peppermint Twist

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High Beginner
Jo Thompson Szymanski (USA) & Roy Verdonk (NL) - October 2021
Peppermint Twist - Sha Na Na : (40th Anniversary Collectors Edition)
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#32 Count Intro / Approx 10 Secs

[01 - 08]: Side Strut, Cross Strut, Kick, Weave
1-2Touch right toe to right, drop right heel
3-4Touch left toe over right, drop left heel
5-6Kick right to right diagonal, step right behind left
7-8Step left to left, cross right over left

[09 - 16]: Side Strut, Cross Strut, Kick, Weave
1-2Touch left toe to left, drop left heel
3-4Touch right toe over left, drop right heel
5-6Kick left to left diagonal, step left behind right
7-8Step right to right, step left forward

[17 - 24]: Charleston
1-2Touch right toe forward, hold
3-4Step right back, hold
5-6Touch left toe back, hold
7-8Step left forward, hold

[25 - 32]: ⅛ Pivot Turn, ⅛ Pivot Turn
1-2Step right forward, hold
3-4Pivot ⅛ left transferring weight onto left, hold (10:30)
5-6Step right forward, Hold
7-8Pivot ⅛ left transferring weight onto left, hold (9:00)

[33 - 40]: Slow Jazzbox
1-2Cross right over left, hold
3-4Step left back, hold
5-6Step right to right, hold
7-8Cross left over right, hold

[41 - 48]: Twists Heels Toe Heels, Hold, Twist Heels Toe Heels, Hold
1-2Step right beside left twisting both heels right, twist both toes right
3-4Twist both heels right, hold
Option Count 4 - Kick left to left diagonal
5-6Twist both heels left, twist both toes left
7-8Twist both heels left, hold
Option Count 8 - Jump both feet slightly back


Bonny Jean November 1, 2021
Super wee dance to a catchy track.... well done!

Abadi November 19, 2021
Good luck 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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