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Fred Whitehouse (IRE) & Jean-Pierre Madge (CH) - September 2017
Let Me Go by Hailee Steinfield, Alesso, Florida Georgia Line & Watt
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Section: A-B-C-A-B-C*-C-B

Part A: 48 counts
A1: Step, ¼ Turn, Sailor ½, Sweep Cross Back Back Cross, Touch.
1-2Step R forward (1), ¼ R Step L to L (2),
3&4Cross R behind L (3), ¼ Step L to L (&), ¼ Step R forward and Sweep L forward(4),
5&6&7Sweep L over R (5), Cross L over R (&), Step R back (6), Step L to L(&), Cross R over L(7),
8Touch L to L (8).

A2: Rock, back ¼ and Touch and Touch, ¼ Step, ½ Pencil turn, Cross side Touch.
1-2Rock L forward (1), Recover (2)
&3&4¼ L Step L to L (&), Touch R next L (3), Step R to R (&), Touch L next R (4),
5-6¼ L Step L forward (5), ½ Turn L bending your R knee keeping your R next your L (6)
7&8Cross R over L (7), Step L to L (&), Touch R behind L (8).

A3: Bounce ½ turn, Step Sweep, Cross ball ¼ turn, Camel walks.
1-2½ R bouncing heels twice weight on L (1-2),
3-4Step R forward and sweep L over R (3), Cross L over R (4),
&5Ball Step ¼ L (&5),
6-7-83 Camel Walks R,L,R (6-7-8) add arms to the camel walks – make a picture frame by using your index finger and thumb of each hand, first camel walk Left hand must be on top, second camel walk the Right hand must be on top and on the third camel walk, hold both hands forward with a thumbs up and a cheesy face

A4: Rock and Back, Behind side Cross and Cross, Spiral turn, Step, Rock Recover.
1&2Rock L forward (1), Recover (&), Step L back (2),
3&4&5Step R Back (3) ¼ L Step L to L (&), Cross R over L (4), Step L to L (&), Cross R over L (5)
6Keeping weight on R, 1 ¼ turn to L (6)
7-8&Step L forward (7), Rock R forward (8), Recover on L (&).

A5: Touch Back Body Roll, Ball Touch, Pivot Turn, Sailor step, Sailor ¼ turn.
1-2Touch R behind and Start a Body Roll from your head (1), Finish the body roll and transfer the weight on your R (2),
&3-4Step L next R (&), Touch R Behind (3), pivot ¼ R weight on L (4)
5&6Step R behind L (5), Step L to L (6), Step R to R (6),
7&8Step L behind R (7), ¼ L Step R to R(&), Step L to L (8).

A6: And Drag, Ball step, Walk Walk, Step Turn Step.
&1-2-3R hand forward, palm facing down (&) While dragging R next to L raise R hand up (1-2-3),
&4Step R next L(3), Step L forward (4),
5-6Walk R,L (5-6),
7&8Step R forward (7), Pivot ½ L(&), Step R forward (8).

Part B: 24 counts
B1: Back, Back, Out-Out Hands.
1-2Walk back L (1), Walk back R (2), arms – R hand to L shoulder (1) L hand to R shoulder (2)
&3Step L out (&), Step R out (3) arms- swap both hands to other shoulder (&) close hands in front of chest In a praying position (3)
4Raise both hands up in front of face (4)
5&6&Slide R hand up as R wrist gets to L finger tip level (5) fold R hand so it points to 9.00 (&) pull R hand back so R finger tips are beside L finger tips making a 90 degree angle (6) slide R hand down L hand and stop at L wrist level (&)
7&8Fold L hand on top of R hand (elbows still up) (7) slide both arms together so hands meet elbows (&) slide both arms apart so hands are on top of each other (8)

1-2Snake roll arms from R to L starting from R elbow
3&4Raise L arm up with L palm facing down as you keep R hand touching L elbow (3) drop L arm down pointing to 12.00 with L palm facing you (&) slap the back of R hand into the L palm (4)
5&6&Make a ¼ turn R keeping hands out in front (5) push both hands down as u raise up on tip toes (&) place weight down transferring weight on to L (6) step back R pointing R index finger toward your R ear (&)
7&8Step out L pointing L index finger to L ear (7) lean weight on to L as you cross both hands in front (&) pull both hands apart like cutting throat (8) weight stays on L

B2: Side Ball Cross, ¼ Side Ball Cross, Side Ball Cross, ¼ Side Ball Cross.
1a2Step R to R(1), Step L next R (a), Cross R over L (2)
3a4¼ L Step L to L (3), Step R next L (a), Cross L over R (4)
5a6Step R to R (5), Step L next R (a), Cross R over L (6)
7a8¼ L Step L to L (7), Step R next L (a), Cross L over R (8).

B3: Volta full turn, Touch and Touch and Touch, Touch.
1&2&3&4Make a full turn to R shoulder stepping R, L, R, L, R, L, R (1&2&3&4)
5&6Touch/rock L forward (5), Step L back (&), Touch/rock R forward (6),
&7-8Step R back (&) Touch/rock L forward (7), Step L back (&), Touch R forward (8)
(on the video you count 5e&a6e&a7 Hold on 8)

Part C: 32 counts
C1: Rock in Chair and Chassé, Cross Side back ½ Turn, Coaster Step.
1&2&Rock R forward (1), Recover back (&), Rock R back (2), Recover forward (&),
3&4Step R forward (3), Step L next R (&), Step R forward (4)
5&6¼ L Cross Lover R (5), Step R to R (&), ¼ L Step L back (6),
7&8Step R back (7), Step L next R (&), Step R forward (8).

C2: Rock in chair and ¼ Cross Side Back, ¼ Back side Cross, ¼ Cross Side Back.
1&2&Rock L forward (1), Recover back (&), Rock L back (2), Recover forward (&),
3&4¼ L Cross L over R (3), Step R to R (&), Step L behind R (4),
5&6¼ L Step R back (5), Step L to L (&), Cross R over L (6),
7&8¼ L Cross L over R (7), Step R to R (&), Step L behind R(8).

C3: Press and Press and Side Touch Side, Sailor ½ turn, Shimmy Side.
1&2&Going backward press R to R (1), Step R behind L (&), Press L to L (2), Step L behind R (&),
3&4Touch R to R (3), Touch R next L (&), Step R to R (4),
5&6Cross L behind R (5), ¼ L Step R to R (&), ¼ L Cross L over R (6),
7&8Big Step R to R (7), Shimmy shoulders (&) Step L next R (8).

C4: Rock and Cross, Rock and Cross, Paddle turn.
1&2Rock R to R (1), Recover (&), Cross R over L (2),
3&4Rock L to L (3), Recover (&), Cross L over R (4),
5-6¼ L Step R to R (5), ¼ L Step R to R (6),
7-8¼ L Step R to R (7), ¼ L step R to R (8).

(After the 2nd C, you do ¼ L more to start part C at 9 o’clock)

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