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Perfect Without The Turns

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Alison Johnstone (AUS) & Joshua Talbot (AUS) - March 2018
Perfect - Ed Sheeran : (Album: Divide, Deluxe - iTunes)
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Start: On the word “Love” Approx 3 sec

(1-8) Rock left(1), recover right back(2), turn left 1/4(a), Cross, Recover, 1/8 Right (a)10:30, LFwd sweep, RFwd sweep, LFwd Sweep(7), Right Forward Rock, Recover (a) (10.30)
1, 2aRock fwd left 12:00,recover right back2, turn 1/4 left on left (a)
3, 4aCross rock Right over Left, Recover on Left, Step Right 1/8 (a) (10.30)
5, 6,Step forward Left sweeping Right , Step forward Right sweeping Left,
7, 8aStep forward Left sweeping Right, Rock forward on Right, Recover on Left (a)
RESTART Wall 4 after count 8*
Wall 4 (6:00) Dance to count 6 and turn 1/8 over Right on the sweep of count 6 (6.00),
Step forward on count 7 with sweep,
Step forward on Right (don’t do “a” step) and start again facing wall 6.00

(9-16) R Back, Back, Back, Back, 1/8 Right Nightclub (12.00), 1/8 Left Nightclub (10.30), 1/4 Left Step Right (7.30), 1/8 L Coaster (6.00)
1aback, back
2aBack Back
3, 4a1/8 turn Right stepping Right to side (12.00), Step Left behind Right, Recover Right (a)
5, 6a1/8 turn Left stepping Left to side (10.30), Step Right behind Left, Recover Left (a)
7,8&a1/4 turn Left stepping Right to side (7.30), 1/8 turn Left stepping back on Left, Step Right together (&), Step Left forward (a) (6.00)
RESTART: Wall 8 after count 16** Wall 8 (12:00) Dance thru 2 steps of the coaster :start again wall 6.00

(17-24) Step R Drag L, Step L Drag, Step R Drag, Left Fwd Rock, Recover (a) Back, Shuffle Back, Back Left, Step Right Together (a) (6.00)
1, 2Step forward on Right dragging Left, Step forward on Left dragging Right
3.Step forward on Right dragging Left,
4a.Rock forward Left, Recover on Right (a)
6a7shuffle back
8aStep Back on Left, Step Right together (a)

(25-32) Step⅛L(4.30) Step, Pivot 1/2 Left (10.30), Step Step Pivot 1/2 Right (4.30), StepL 1/8R (6.00), Behind, 1/4 Left (a), (3:00) Side, Behind, 1/4 Right (a) (6.00)
1, 2a.1/8 turn Left stepping Left fwd(4.30), Step fwd Right, Pivot 1/2 over Left (a) (10.30)
3, 4aStep fwd Right, Step fwd Left. Pivot 1/2 over Right (a) (4.30)
5, 6a1/8 turn Right stepping Left to side, Step Right behind Left, 1/4 turn Left onLeft fwd(a) (3.00)
7, 8aStep Right to side, Step Left behind Right, 1/4 turn Right stepping Right Fwd(a) (6.00)

Start Again

ENDING: On Wall 10 dance to count 18, Step forward on Right and pivot 1/2 over Left to face the front. Tada!

Alison Johnstone - +61 404 445 076
Joshua Talbot - +61 407 533 616
Turns removed by Theresa Stockman with permission from Alison Johnstone, 5/3/18.


PatL May 20, 2018
Good one! Looking fwd to the video.

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