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Perpetual Now

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Inge Vestergård (DK) - February 2016
Perpetual Now - Simon Lynge : (Album: The Absence Of Fear - 4:27)
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Intro: 32 count intro ( 15 sec. Into track). Start with weight on L foot.

Sec. 1: Chassé R, Back Rock, Extended Wine L
1 & 2Step R to R side, Step L beside R, Step R to R side
3 - 4Rock back L, Recover R
5 – 8Step L to L side, Cross R behind L, Step L to l side, Cross R over L.
* 8 count Tag here after Wall 4 facing 12.00 o’clock, then restart the dance.

Sec. 2: Side Rock, ¼ Turn R, Shuffle L Fwd, Rocking Chair
1 – 2Rock L to L side, ¼ Turn Stepping fwd on R (3.00)
3 & 4Step L fwd, Close R beside L, Step fwd on L
5 – 8Rock R fwd, Recover L, Rock R back, Recover L.

Sec. 3: Shuffle R Fwd, Rock Step , Shuffle ½ Turn L, Step, ¼ Turn L
1 & 2Step fwd R, Close L beside R, Step fwd R
3 – 4Rock fwd L, Recover R
5 & 6½ turn L stepping fwd L, Close R beside L, Step fwd. L (9.00)
7 – 8Step fwd. R, ¼ turn Lweight on L (6.00)

Diagonal Toe Struts with Hip Bumps, Jazzbox ¼ Turn R
1 – 2Tap R Toe diagonal in front of L with R Hipbump, Drop R Heel
3 – 4Tap L Toe diagonal L with L Hipbump, Drop L Heel
5 – 8Cross R over L, ¼ turn R stepping back on L, Step R to R side, Cross L over R (9.00)

* Tag after Wall 4: Chassé R, Back Rock, Chassé L, Back Rock
1 & 2Step R to R side, Step L beside R, Step R to R side
3 - 4Rock back L, Recover R
5 & 6Step L to L side, Close R beside L, Step L to L side
7 – 8Rock back R, Recover L.

** Ending on Wall 15 starting at 6 o'clock.
Dance the jazz box without the ¼ turn, and you will end the dance facing 12 O’clock

Contact: Inge Vestergård – mail:


vinity February 7, 2016
The music I have used for this dance, is not the same version as the one on the music-video. This one is a bit faster, than the one from the album-version albumversion, that I have used. Hope you will like the dance. Inge Vestergård

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