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Play That Song a. k.a. Out Til Dawn

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Derek Steele (USA) - October 2016
Play That Song - Train : (Single)
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Intro: After 32 counts, start when bass kicks in with lyrics “Hey Mister Deejay...”
Sequence: 32, 16*, 32, 32, 32, 16*, 32, 32, 32, 32, 32, 32

Choreographer’s Note: Anytime you are making a step across, open your body up to that diagonal... it will make it more comfortable and give it some styling as well. Have fun!

[1-8] Walk, Walk, Anchor Step, Coaster Cross, 1/4 Ball 1/4 (Paddle Turn)
1,2Step forward R, Step forward L
3&4Step R behind L, Step in place L, Step together R
5&6Step back L, Step together R, Step L across R
7&8Turn 1/4 right to 3:00 stepping slightly forward R, Step side on ball of L, Turn 1/4 right to 6:00 stepping forward R (over-rotate a bit to get to next step)
Styling note on counts 7&8 above: Round out these counts to make a smooth half circle as thought you are dancing around something on the floor.

[9-16] Syncopated Weave, Side Drag, Hold Ball Cross, Triple Side Step
1&2&Step L across R, Step side R, Step L behind R, Step side R
3-4Step L across R, Step side R
5&6Draw L toe in towards R, Step together on ball of L, Step R across L
7&8* Step side L, Step together R, Step side and slightly forward L towards 5:00 diagonal*
*Restart: Do 7&8 (15&16) as Side L, Together R, Side L (no diagonal) and restart here during walls 2 and 6 at the top of the dance.

[17-24] Step, 3/4, Cross, Side Rock Recover, Cross & Cross, Scissor Step
1,2Step forward R towards 5:00 diagonal, Turn 5/8 left to square to 9:00 stepping in place L (over-rotate a bit to get to next step)
3&4Step R across L, Rock side L, Recover weight on R
5&6Opening body to 7:00 diagonal: Step L across R, Step side R, Step L across R
7&8Step side R, Step together L, Step R across L facing 7:00 diagonal

[25-32] Side, 1/2, Rock, Recover, Walk Back, Back, Coaster Step
1,2Step side L squaring to 9:00, Turn 1/2 right to 3:00 taking weight on R
3,4Rock forward L, Recover back on R
5,6Step back L, Step back R (styling note: try these as a swivel step with a little twist)
7&8Step back L, Step together R, Step forward L

This step sheet may be freely copied intact, however, modifications to this step sheet may not be made without the permission of the choreographer.



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