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Low Intermediate
Nancy Morgan (USA) - March 2016
Love Runs by Tim Mcgraw - 126 bpm
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Practice Song: Here Tonight by Tim Mcgraw

♦ Begin after 36 Counts or when he starts singing ♦ BPM: 112

Shuffle forward, Step, pivot ½ turn, Shuffle forward, Step back ½ Turn, Step forward ¼ turn
1&2Shuffle Forward – Right-Left-Right
3,4Step forward on Right, Pivot ½ turn to Right (Weight ends on Left)
5&6Shuffle forward – Left-Right-Left
7Step Back on Right ½ turn to Left
8Step forward on Left ¼ turn to Left

Rock Step & Rock Step, Back Shuffle, Rock back
1,2Rock forward on Right and back on Left
&Step Right Next to Left
3,4Rock forward on Left and back on Right
5&6Back Shuffle – Left-Right-Left
7,8Rock back on Right and forward on Left

Side Shuffle, Rock Step, 2 Kick-Ball-Crosses
1&2Right side shuffle – Right-Left-Right
3,4Rock back on Left and forward on Right
5&6Kick-Ball-Cross – Kick Left foot slightly forward, step Left slightly back, Cross Right over Left
7&8Kick-Ball-Cross – Kick Left foot slightly forward, step Left slightly back, Cross Right over Left as you turn slightly to Left ¼ turn

Step Pivot, Shuffle forward, Step Pivot, Cross, Step back
1,2Step forward on Left, pivot ½ turn to Right (Weight ends on Right)
3&4Shuffle forward – Left-Right-Left
5,6Step forward on Right, Pivot ¼ turn to Left (Weight ends on Left)
7,8Cross Right over Left, step back on Left as you lift Right foot slightly off ground

Begin Again!




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