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Pour Me The Bottle

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Colleen Archer (AUS) - October 2018
Pour Me the Bottle - Anthony Taylor : (Album: The Music Man)
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Intro: 3.31 mins (start on the word “bottle”, SP: Weight on Left - Rotation: CCW 180º

Forward, Forward, Kick twice, Back, Back, Tap Toe Twice
1, 2Step R forward, Step L forward
3, 4Small kick R forward twice
5, 6Step R back, Step L back
7, 8Tap R toe back twice (12)

Weave Side, Behind, Side, Across, Side, Touch & clap, Side, Touch & clap
1, 2Step R to right side, Step L behind R
3, 4Step R to right side, Step L across R
5, 6Step R to right side, Touch L beside R and clap
7, 8Step L to left side, Touch R beside L and clap (12)

¼ Paddle, Forward, Touch, Back, Heel, Back, Heel
1, 2Step R forward, Turn ¼ left taking weight onto L
3, 4Step R forward, Touch L beside R
5, 6Step L back, Touch R heel forward
7, 8Step R back, Touch L heel forward (9)

Rock Side, Recover & Hip, Hip, Hip, Side, Behind, ¼ Turn & Forward, Scuff
1, 2Rock step L to left side, Recover R and sway R hip to right
3, 4Sway L hip to left, Sway R hip to right
5, 6Step L to left side, Step R behind L
7, 8Turn ¼ left and step L forward, Scuff R beside L (6)

Begin dance again………

Finish: Wall 13, dance first 16 counts and add following…..
1, 2Step R to right side and sway hips right, Hold
3, 4Sway hips left, Hold

Dance may be copied and distributed provided original steps remain unchanged.
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