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Pray For Me

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Phrased Easy Intermediate
Dans & Moro (NOR), Heidi Brenden (NOR) & Siv Anita Jørstad - April 2020
Pray For Me - Kristin Husøy
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Part A: 16 count 4 wall: Section 1
Walk forward R, L, Sailor 1/2 turn, Kick cross rock recover x2
1, 2, 3Step fwd RF(1)step fwd LF(2)Cross RF behind LF(3) 12:00
& 4Make ½ turn Right, stepping LF to left side(&) Step RF fwd(4) 06:00
5 & 6kick LF fwd(5)cross LF in front of RF(&)rock RF back to R diagonal(6)
&Recover on LF (&)
7 & 8Kick RF fwd(7)cross RF in front of LF(&)Rock LF back to left diagonal(8) 06:00
&Recover on RF

Part A: Section 2
Jazzbox ¼ turn, side touches, step together, Kneepop
1, 2Cross LF in front of RF(1)Step RF bwd(2)
3, 4step LF ¼ turn L(3) Cross RF in front of LF(4) 03:00
5 & 6Point LF to L side(5) Close LF next RF(&) Point RF to R side(6)
& 7Close RF next to LF(&)Point LF to L side(7)
8Drag LF next to RF while popping R Knee(8) 03:00

Part B: 16 counts 2 wall: Section 1
Diamondshape turn, Chasse left
1Make with RF a large step fwd towards right diagonal (07:30) while turning left facing 13:30
2Close LF next to right
3Make with LF a large step diagonally forward facing 16:30
4Close RF next to left
5Make with RF a large step right while turning left facing 06:00
6Touch LF next to Right
7 & 8Step LF to left side(1)close RF next to left(&) Step LF to left side(2) 06:00

Part B: Section 2
Chasse L, Skate x4, Mambo step, Coaster step
1Step RF fwd while twisting feet and body to right diagonal(3)
2Step LF fwd While twisting feet and body to left diagonal(4)
3, 4Repete 1, 2
5 & 6press RF fwd(5) recover on LF(&)Step RF back(6)
7 & 8Step LF back(7)Close RF next to Left(&)Step LF fwd(8)

Note1 : First time you dance BB you will be facing 06:00 Second time you will be facing 12:00
Note2: There is 2 short breaks in the music: Break 1 is 4 counts, you have time to do a bodyroll ore optional hip roll.
Break 2 is only 2 counts but you can still do a bodyroll/hip roll😊


Sequence: AA BB AAA Break 1 AAA Break 2 BB AA Break 2 A

Ending: Bodyroll facing 09:00



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