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Pretty Little Liar

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Sandy Kerrigan (AUS) - July 2013
Pretty Little Liar / Amber Lawrence / Album 3
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Dance starts on lyrics.

Fwd, Hold, Fwd Ball Step, Step Back, ½ Fwd, ½ Back, 1/4 Turning Rock 3:00
1 2 & 3 4Step Fwd R, Hold, Ball of L to L Heel, Step Fwd R, Step Back on L
5 6 7 & 8½ R-Step Fwd R 6:00, ½ R-Step Back on L 12:00, ¼ R-Rock R to R, Rep to L Cross R over L

Side Rock, Weave to R Side, Step Side, ¼ Flick/with Point, Shoulder Pushes 12:00
1 & 2 & 3 &L Side Rock, Replace to R, Cross L over R, Step R to R, Cross L behind R, Step R to R
4 5 6Cross L over R (**), Step R to R Side, ¼ L-Swing L around to side/finishing with L Point fwd 12:00
7 & 8R shoulder Push Up, Drop R Shoulder/Push L Shoulder Up, Drop L Shoulder/Push R Shoulder Up

Together, Heel Switches, ¼-Out, Out, Hold, Side Ball Step, Hold, Together, Point, ¼ Together, Point Side12:00
& 1 & 2Step L Next To R, R Heel Fwd, Step R Next to L, L Heel Fwd
& 3 & 4Turning ¼ L-Step L to L side, Step R to R Side, Hold 9:00
& 5 6Step Ball of L Next to R, Step R to R Side, Hold
& 7 & 8Step L Next to R, Point R to R Side, Turning ¼ R-Step R Next to L, Point L to L Side (Monterey Turn)

Ball Cross, Hold, Step Side, Cross Shuffle, Side Rock, Behind, ¼ Fwd, Fwd 3:00
& 1 2 & 3 & 4Step Back on Ball of L, Cross R over L, Hold, Step L to L Side, Cross Shuffle R over L
5 6 7 & 8Rock L to L Side, Replace To R, Cross L Behind R, ¼ R-Step Fwd R, Step Fwd L 3:00

Fwd Walks, Scuff Around Step Side, Scuff Around Step Side, Cross Rock, Cross, Step Back, Step Back with Drag
1 2 & 3 & 4Walk Fwd R, Fwd L, Scuff R, Step R to R, Scuff L, Step L to L
5 & 6Cross Rock R over L, Replace to L, Step R to R,
7 & 8Cross L over R, Step Back R, Step Back L/Dragging R 3:00

Back, ½ Step Fwd, Step Fwd, Rocking Chair, Cross, Step Back, Step Back with Drag, Back, ½ Fwd, Fwd 3:00
1 & 2 3 & 4 &Step Back on R, ½ L Fwd L, Step Fwd R, Rock Fwd L, Back to R, Rock Back L, Rock Fwd to R
5 & 6Cross L over R, Step Back R, Step Back L/Dragging R
7 & 8 &Step Back on R, ½ L Fwd L, Step Fwd R, Step Ball of L Next to R 3:00

Note: Wall this Marker (**) Facing 9:00
Special thankyou to Debbie Banfield for bringing this awesome song to my attention!



Ra July 20, 2013
Great song from a wonderful Aussie songwriter and singer combined with great steps from a wonderful Aussie choreographer.

darcy July 21, 2013
Another wonderful dance. Thanks Sandy!!!!!

Dewi July 21, 2013
Hot,hot,hot !! Can you handle it ?? ..... Awesome song, awesome DANCE !! .....Who else but Miss Sandy S.K. ?

flossy July 28, 2013
Love this dance, definitely worth a teach, great Aussie choreographer and singer.

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