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Laura Sway (UK) - November 2014
Miranda Lambert - Priscilla [174 bpm]
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Intro: 32 Counts [10 seconds in]

Section 1: Heel Struts (x2), Right Rocking Chair
1 – 2Touch right heel forward, drop right toes
3 – 4Touch left heel forward, drop left toes
5 – 6Rock forward on right, recover on left
7 – 8Rock back on right, recover on left

Section 2: Step, Pivot 1/2 Left, Step, Hold, Step, Pivot 1/4 Right, Step, Hold
1 – 2Step right forward, pivot 1/2 turn left
3 – 4Step right forward, hold
5 – 6Step left forward, pivot 1/4 turn right
7 – 8Cross left over right, hold

Section 3: Right Reverse Rumba Box
1 – 2Step right to right, step left beside right
3 – 4step right back, hold
5 – 6Step left back and to left, step right beside left
7 – 8Step left forward, hold

Section 4: Extended Weave With Touch
1 – 2Step right to right, cross left behind right
3 – 4Step right to right, cross left in front of right
5 – 6Step right to right, cross left behind right
7 – 8Step right to right, touch left beside right

Section 5: Side, Touch, Side, Touch, Left Grapevine 1/4 Turn Left with Scuff
1 – 2Step left to left, touch right beside left
3 – 4Step right to right, touch left beside right
5 – 6Step left to left, cross right behind left
7 – 8Step left forward making 1/4 turn left, scuff right beside left

Section 6: Strutting Jazz Box with Stomp and Clap
1 – 2Touch right toes over left, drop right heel
3 – 4Touch left toes slightly back, drop left heel
5 – 6Touch right toes to right, drop right heel
7 – 8Stomp left beside right, clap
Restart On wall 7 restart the dance here (facing 12:00)

Section 7: Twist Feet Left, Clap, Twist Feet Right, Clap
1 – 2Twist heels to left, twist toes to left
3 – 4Twist heels to left, clap
5 – 6Twist heels to right, twist toes to right
7 – 8Twist heels to right, clap

Section 8: Right Side Point, Together, Left Side Point, Together, Step, Pivot 1/4 Turn Left, Stomp, Clap
1 – 2Point right to right side, step right beside left
3 – 4Point left to left side, step left beside right
5 – 6Step right forward, pivot 1/4 turn left
7 – 8Stomp right beside left, clap (transferring weight to left)



Kate Simpson May 15, 2015
I left a review on the Line Dancer site too , this dance is our club favourite
The music is fantastic and the dance fits perfectly well.
Well done Laura Sway again
Bring on the next one

Andries V June 21, 2015
we learn this by marie in spain with laura also in the summer happy dance!

Yada September 29, 2015
A great dance to get your dancers use to doing 64 count dances, makes that number not so scary!! Fun dance.

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