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Low Intermediate - Line OR Contra
Donna Manning (USA) - April 2013
Mama's Broken Heart - Miranda Lambert
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3 places to fix…. On counts 11 &12 on the 4th rotation and the 8th rotation you will alter the steps from the pattern to adjust for the music and phrasing.
On the 9th rotation there will be a 4 count tag after the first 20 counts of the dance and breathe…you will begin again on the word 'fix#….go and 'fix' your makeup….after the pause in the music.

*****If you do this as a contra dance, which is the original intent, you will begin in two lines facing each other in front of a partner. The person to the right of your original partner will be your second partner. Those two friends will be who you will dance with throughout the entire dance. Here we gooooooo……..

Sec. 1 (1-8) Step, Kick, Step, Touch, Step, Rock, Recover, Behind, Side
1, 2Step forward on the L, Kick the R forward (as a contra on count 2 you will tap instep to instep with your partner directly across from you)
3, 4Step back on the R, Touch the L back (black bottom steps)
5, 6, 7Step L forward, Rock on R to about 1:00 (only because of your momentum it will be easier instead of going to the side.) Recover weight back to L
8, &Step R behind L, Step L to L side (as a contra, this side step will put you R shoulder to R should with your partner for the next lock step forward as you pass each other)

Sec. 2 (9-16) R Lock Step Forward, ¼ Turn R L Back Triple, R Side Triple, L Cross Kick, Step, Touch
1&2Step R forward, lock L behind R, Step R forward (as a contra you will pass your original partner on the R shoulder)
***on the 4th and 8th rotation you must change counts 3, 4 to – Step L forward and on the ball of the L turn ½ turn R as you step R to R side. – -
As a contra you will finish count 4 facing inside and in front of your ORIGINAL partner on the R foot, ready to RESTART the dance.
3&4On the ball of the R ¼ turn R Step back on L, Close R to L, Step back on L (as a contra, as you triple back you will leave your original partner and take sight of the second friend who was on the R of your original partner)
5&6Step R to R Side, Close L to R, Step R to R side (as a contra you will do the side triple to finish in front of and facing your second partner)
7&8Kick L across R, Step L to L side, Touch R next to L (as a contra it is really important to make this a cross kick to avoid injury)

Sec.3 (17-24) Side, Kick, Side, Kick, ¼ Turn L Triple, Rock Recover
1, 2, 3, 4Step R to side, Kick L across R, Step L to L side, kick R across L (as a contra you MUST make sure that your kicks are cross kicks to avoid injury to your friend)
***on the 9th rotation, right after the second time you fix the phrasing, you will do: the 1st 20 counts above, then insert these steps:
.5) Step R across L (your foot will already be in the air just step down across the L)
.6) ¼ turn to the R stepping back on the L
.7) Step R to R side
.8) Touch L next to R
You should come back in front of your Second partner. You will restart on the word “fix”, go and “fix” your makeup………there will still be a pause before you restart…you’ll have to feel through it.
5&6Step R to R side, close L to R, Step R back as you turn ¼ to the L (as a contra this ¼ turn triple will place you facing the middle of the two lines)
7, 8Rock back on L, Recover weight to R (toe it out as a prep for the next turn)

Sec. 4 (25-32) Triple full turn R, Step, Together, Heel Split, R Flick, Heel Split, L Flick
1&2½ Turn R as you step back on L, ½ Turn R as you step forward on your R, Step forward on your L (continue to allow another ½ turn R on the ball of the L) (as a contra dance – this turn needs to travel forward and you will pass your second partner on the R shoulder. If you can adjust during the 2, 3, 4 you should wind up in front of your second partner to finish dance and you will start next rotation with them. You will go back to your ORIGINAL partner during the back triple and side triple in the second set of 8)
3, 4Step R slightly forward, Step L together (as a contra you will be facing your second partner for the remainder of the dance)
5&On the balls of both feet, take heels out from center at the same time, return heels to center taking weight to the L foot
6&Leaving weight on the L, flick R heel out to the R side, return R to center taking weight to both feet
7&On the balls of both feet, take heels out from center at the same time, return heels to center taking weight to the R foot
8Leaving weight on the R, flick L heel out to the L side (leaving foot up ready to begin the dance again with L)



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Last Revision - 19th April 2013


donnaz April 17, 2013
Hope you will give this a go!!!

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