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Put the Gun Down

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Bradley Mather (USA) - April 2018
Put the Gun Down - ZZ Ward
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Intro: 16 counts

Step, behind w/ sweep, back, side rock cross, switches, kick ball cross behind
1,2,3step R to R diagonal, cross L behind R sweeping R from front to back, cross R behind L
4&5rock L to L, recover weight to R, cross L over R
6&7&point R to R, step R next to L, point L to L, step L next to R
8&1kick R, step R next to L, cross L behind R without weight (12:00)

Unwind ¾ L, ¼ L step R to R, weave ¼ R, ¼ R, cross, ½ hinge L, cross
2,3turn ¾ L placing weight onto L foot, step R to R making ¼ L
4&5step L behind R, step L forward making ¼ R, step L forward
6,7pivot ¼ R stepping on to R foot, cross L over R
8&1step back ¼ L with R, step L to L making ¼ L, cross R over L (12:00)
*Restart on walls 3, 6, and 8– step R to R diagonal to restart instead of crossing R over L on count 17

Hold, ball cross behind, hold, ball cross rock, side rock, cross rock, side
2&3hold, step on ball of L foot, step R behind L
4&5hold, step on ball of L foot, cross rock R over L
&6&replace weight onto L, rock R to R, replace weight onto L
7&8cross rock R over L, replace weight onto L, step R to R (12:00)

Ball side, ¼ R, side rock cross, out, out, in, cross, back, together
&1,2step on ball of L foot, point R to R, make ¼ turn R stepping forward on R
3&4rock L to L, replace weight onto R, cross L over R
5&6&step R to R, step L to L, step R next to L, cross L over R
7,8step R back dragging L foot, step L next to R (3:00)


Ending- On the final wall (wall 10) change the last 4 counts to:
Out, out, in, cross, back, together, kick ball hook
5&6&step R to R, step L to L, step R next to L, cross L over R
7&8&1step R back, step L next to R, kick R, step on ball of R, hook L behind R without weight pointing R hand down and to R (9:00)


Last Update – 22nd May 2018


catman April 16, 2018
Loved this song from the first time I heard it, and this choreography is perfect. Great job!

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