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Phrased Intermediate
Vicky Hamilton (NZ) - January 2018
Chinese folk music ensemble: radiant (Xi YangYang) 中国广播民族乐团民乐合奏:喜洋洋
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Sequence: ABB ABB A(32)

Part A: 36 Counts
Sec A1 (1-8) R Charleston, Toe strutX2, Side, Toe heel
1234Touch RF forward, step RF back, touch LF Back, step LF forward
5&6&Touch R toe forward, step down RF, touch L toe forward, step down LF
78&Big step RF to R drag LF towards RF, touch L toe beside R (8), touch L heel diagonally forward(&)

Sec A2 (9-16) L Charleston, Toe strutX2, Coaster Scuff
1234Touch LF forward, step LF back, touch RF Back, step RF forward
5&6&Touch L toe forward, step down LF, touch R toe forward, step down RF
7&8&Step L back, step R Tog, step L forward, scuff R

Set A3 (17-23) Lock step scuff, ¼ L Lock Step scuff, Weave, paddle ¼ L X2
1&2&Step R Forward, lock L behind, step R Forward, scuff L
3&4&1/4 Turn Left Step L Forward, lock R behind, step L forward, scuff R
5&6&Cross R over L, step L to side, cross R behind L, step L to side
7&8&Step R forward, paddle ¼ turn Left, Step R forward, paddle ¼ turn Left

Sec A4 (24-32) Walk Scuff X2, Walk backX3 Tog, twist toe L R, ¼ L Step, Scuff
1&2&Step forward R, scuff L, step forward L, scuff R
3&4&Walk back RLR, step L Tog
5678Twist toes to Left, twist toes to Right, ¼ Turn L step L forward, scuff *(Ending)

Sec A5 (33-36) K step
1&2&Step R diagonally forward, Touch L Tog, Step L diagonally back, Touch R Tog
3&4&Step R diagonally back , Touch L Tog, Step L diagonally forward, Touch R Tog

Part B: 32 Counts
Sec B1 (1-8) Vine R, Touch in-out, Jazz Box Forward
1&2&Step R to side, Step L behind , Step R to side, Step L cross,
3&4Step R to side, Touch L Tog, Touch L to side
5678Cross L over R, Step R back, Step L to Side, Step R forward

Sec B2 (9-16) Pivot ½ L, Cross, Side Rock , Cross Steps LR, hip roll
1 2Pivot ½ turn L weight on L , Step R cross L,
3 4Rock L side (Optional stretch Left arm L), recover R (optional Stretch R arm R)
5Cross L over R, (Optional Left arm make circle anticlockwise up out down)
6Cross R over L (Optional Right arm make circle clockwise up out down)
7 8Step L to side Roll hip circle anticlockwise ( left back right front)

Set B3 (17-23) 1/8 L Side Tog Side Touch , ¼ R Side Tog Side Touch , Pivot ½ L, Forward, Hip bumps R
1&2&1/8 turn Left Step R to side, Step L Tog , Step R to side, Touch L Tog
3&4&1/4 Turn Right Step L to side, Step R Tog, Step L to side, 1/8 turn R Touch R Tog
5 6Step R forward, pivot ½ turn L,
7&8Step R diagonally forward while bump hip R, bump hip L, Step down R

Sec B4 (24-32) Hip bumps L, Kick ball cross, Monterey 1/2 Turn
1&2Step L diagonally forward while bump hip L , bump hip R, Step down L
3&4Kick R diagonally R, Step R Tog, Cross L over R
5678Point R to side, 1/2 Turn R step R Tog, point L to side, Step L Tog

Ending: A 32 Counts

Happy Chinese New Year

Contact: Vicky Hamilton - Phone: 0064273888929 - Email:

Last Update - 31st Jan. 2018


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