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Rain Dance

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Absolute Beginner
Tina Argyle (UK) - January 2020
Rain Dance by Tough Love - available as single download
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I feel so helpless in the Australian bush fire crisis – too many have lost too much, even life.
The only thing I can offer is a donation, my prayers and steps WE NEED TO RAIN DANCE in the hope there is truth in it, for our friends and loved ones. I can offer nothing else, which is painful.

Count In : Start with main drum beat approx 18 seconds into the track

Cross Point x2. Jazz Box Cross
1 –2Cross R over L, point L to left side
3 – 4Cross L over R, point R to right side
5 – 6Cross Cross R over L, step back L
7 – 8Step R to right side, cross L over R

Right Vine, Touch. 2 x Side Steps with styling
1 – 2Step R to right side,cross L behind R
3 – 4Step R to right side, touch L at side of R
5 – 6Step L to left side as you dip slightly turning both knees out, Step R next to L as you straighten up
7 – 8Step L to left side as you dip slightly turning both knees out, Step R next to L as you straighten up

Rocking Chair. 2 x 1/8th Paddle Turns
1 –2Rock forward R, recover weight onto L
3 – 4Rock back R, recover weight onto L
5 – 6Step slightly fwd R, paddle 1/8th turn L onto L
7 – 8Step slightly fwd R, paddle 1/8th turn L onto L (9 o’clock)

Walk Fwd R,L,R Hitch. Walk Back L,R,L, Point
1 – 4Step Fwd R, Step Fwd L, Step Fwd R, Hitch L knee (with slight jump if you desire!)
5 – 8Step back L, Step back R, Step back L, Point R out to right side

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With Love xx

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Zen1 January 3, 2020
Thank you for caring Tina - we're with you all the way.

Jazzbox January 3, 2020
Lovely dance, praying for Australia.

Judy (Labra) Baldak January 8, 2020
Thank you Tina for sharing this with the line dance family! Many, many more prayers through this dance effort! We’ll keep praying and dancing here in Michigan.

Sandue January 10, 2020
Wonderful dance - I love your dances. Praying for rain for Australia. Sandy, line dance instructor from The Villages, Florida (formerly from Michigan) and I'll be teaching this dance!

jannega January 16, 2020
Great dance and it has helped! My beginners love it.

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