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Rain is Good

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El Dosels - September 2010
Rain Is a Good Thing - Luke Bryan
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32 count intro start on vocals

Right kick ball rock & step touch, Step ½ turn Left, Right shuffle forward
1&2&3 4 Kick R forward, step R together, Rock L forward, step back on R, Step L beside R, Touch R back.
5 6 7&8 Step R ½ pivot L. Forward shuffle (R,L,R)

Step ½ turn Right, Shuffle ½ turn Right. Right coaster. Left kick ball touch
12 3&4 Step L ½ pivot R, Shuffle ½ R (L.R.L.)
5&6 Step R back. Step L beside R Step forward on R
7&8 Kick L forward, Step L beside R. Touch R beside L (** restart Wall 3**)

Side Close, Side close side, Cross unwind ¾ Right. Left shuffle forward.
1 2 3&4 Step R to right side. Close L to R. Step R to right side, close L to R, step R to right side.
5 6 7&8 Cross L over front of R, Unwind ¾ turn right (weight on R), Shuffle forward (L.R.L)

Heel Hold & Heel Switches, Step ¼ turn cross. Sway R. Sway L
12&3&4& R heel forward. Hold. Step R beside L. L heel forward. Step L heel beside R. R heel forward. Step R heel beside L.
5&6 7 8 Step forward L. ¼ turn right stepping R to side. Cross L over R, Step R to side swaying hip right. Sway left taking weight onto L.

**Restart on wall 3 after 16 counts** (Instrumental)

Tag 1 at end of walls 1 & 4. (4 count Rolling vine right turning right)
¼ turn right stepping forward on R ½ turn right stepping back on L
¼ turn right stepping side on R step L beside R

Tag 2 at end of walls 2, 5 & 7 ( 8 count R & L rolling vines with touch)
¼ turn right stepping forward on R ½ turn right stepping back on L
¼ turn right stepping side on R touch L beside R.
¼ turn left stepping forward on L. ½ turn left stepping back on R.
¼ turn left stepping side on L. touch R beside L


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