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Darren Bailey (UK) & Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) - August 2014
Raspberry Beret - Prince
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Re-start in wall after 16 counts

Walk, walk, kick ball change 1/4 turn right, sailor step, cross forward, flick.
1RF walk forward
2LF walk forward
3RF kick forward
&RF close LF
41/4 turn right, LF step left
5RF backwards LF
&LF close RF
6RF step right
7LF cross forward RF
8RF step right, LF flick behind RF

Step left, lock step, shuffle, walk forward, 1/2 turn left, walk forward, 1/2 turn left
11/4 turn left, LF step forward
2RF lock behind LF
3LF step forward
&RF lock behind LF
4LF step forward
5RF walk forward
61/2 turn left, weight on LF
7RF walk forward
81/2 turn left, weight on LF

Touch, step back heel touch, touch right, touch left, walk, walk, kick ball touch behind
1RF touch behind LF heel
&RF step back
2LF heel touch forward
&weight on LF
3RF touch right
&RF close LF
4LF touch left
&LF close RF
5RF walk forward
6LF walk forward
7RF kick forward
&RF step right
8LF touch behind RF

Touch left, close, touch left, 1/4 turn left, coaster step, 1/2 turn right, 1/2 turn right, look backwards, flick
1LF touch left
&LF close RF
2LF touch left
31/4 turn left, LF step backwards
&RF close LF
4LF step forward
51/2 turn right, RF step forward
61/2 turn right, LF step backwards
7RF step backwards, look backwards
8LF step forward

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