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Jisung Bae (KOR) & Hyunji Chung (KOR)
장민호(Jang Min Ho)-읽씹 안읽씹
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Info : Intro 16 counts Start on the word (YOU)

Intro Dance 16C
[1~8] V-Step,,Hip Bump
1,2,3,4RF out to the R(1),LF out to the L(2),RF back center(3),LF back center(4)
5&6&7,8RF Hipbump in place up and down(5),L(&),R(6),L(&),R(7),L(8)

[9~16] V-Step ,Unwind Full Turn L,Hold,Jump V-step
1,2,3,4RF out to the R(1),LF out to the L(2),RF back center(3),LF back centere(4)
5,6RF deep cross over L(5),LF unwind full turn L(6)(12:00)
7,8hold(7),at the same time jump out(8)
Main Dance 32C
[1~8]Walkx3,Charleston Step
1,2,3,4RF walk forward(1),LF walk forward(2),RF walk forward(3),LF kick L forward(4)
5,6,7,8LF step L back(5),RF point R back(6),RF step R forward(7),LF kick L forward(8)

[9~16]Small Back, Side Point,Small Back,Side Point,Swivel Back Walkx3,Touch
1,2,3,4LF small step back(1),RF point R toe to R side (2),RF small step back(3),LF point L toe to L side(4)
5,6,7,8LF step back and R heel swiveling R(5),RF step back and L heel swivelling L(6),LF step back and R heel swivelling R(7),RF touch R beside L

[17~24] Rolling Turn,Syncopated Weave
1,2,3,4RF turn 1/4 R stepping forward(1),LF turn 1/2 R stepping back(2),RF Turn 1/4 R step R side(3), LF touch L beside R(4)
5,6&7,8LF step L to L side(5),RF step R behind L(6),LF step L to L side(&),RF cross R over L(7),LF step L to L side(8)

[25~32] 1/4 Paddle L,1/4 Paddle L,Hip Bump,1/4 R Turn Jazz Box,
1,2,3,4RF 1/4 L point R toe to R side(1),RF 1/4 L point R toe to R side(2),up and down right hip(weight on the L)(3),(4) (1,2,3,4 hand shape-cell phone calling motion)
5,6,7,8RF cross over L(5),LF 1/4 R turn step back(6),RF step R to R side(7),LF step forward(8)

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Last Update - 2 July 2020


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