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Ready For The Weekend

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Britt Beresik (USA) & I.C.E. (ES) - June 2020
Ready for the Weekend - Calvin Harris
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Intro: 32 counts (approx. 14 secs) (No Tags, No Restarts)

S1: 2 Bouncy Lock Steps Back, Step Back, Coaster ⅛turnR, Scuff
1&2Step R back, Lock L over R, Step R back (option: bounce with a down-up-down feel)
3&4Step L back, Lock R over L, Step L back (option: bounce with a down-up-down feel)
5Step R back
6&7-8⅛turnR and Step L back, Step R next to L, Step L fwd to R diagonal, Scuff R [1:30]
S2: Diagonal Toe/Heel/Heel/Toe and HOLDS
&1-2Step R fwd, Touch L toe next to R, HOLD [1:30]
&3-4Step L back, Touch R heel fwd, HOLD [1:30]
&5-6Step R next to L, ¼turnL and Touch L heel fwd, HOLD [10:30]
&7-8Step L fwd, Touch R toe next to L, HOLD [10:30]
Step R next to L (&), ¼turnL and Touch L heel fwd (5), Step L fwd (&), Touch R toe next to L(6),
Step R back (&),Touch L heel fwd (7), Step L fwd (&), Touch R toe next to L(8) [10:30]
S3: & Side Rock, Recover, Cross Shuffle, Jump, HOLD-Snap, Cross, ¼turnR- Step Back
&1-2Step R next to L, Rock L to L side (push arms to right) with ⅛turnR, Recover R [12:00]
3&4Cross L over R, Step R to R side, Cross L over R
&5-6Jump R to R side, Bring L next to R, HOLD (snaps high, elbows bent) [angle to 11:00]
7-8Cross R over L, ¼turnR stepping back on L [3:00]
S4: ¼ Hinge Turn R, HOLD, & Side Step, HOLD, Cross, ½turnR, Weave
1-2¼turnR stepping R to R side, HOLD [6:00]
&3-4Step L next to R, Step R to R side, HOLD
5-6Cross L over R, Unwind ½turnR taking weight on R [12:00]
7&8Cross L over R, Step R to R side, Cross L behind R [12:00]
S5: Side Rock, ¼pivotL, Step Fwd, ¾turnR, Slide, HOLD, Cross Rock Behind, Recover
1-2Rock R to side, Recover L with a ¼turnL [9:00]
3-4Step R fwd (prep for R turn, use R arm fwd for help), ½turnR stepping back on L [3:00]
5-6¼turnR with R sliding to R side (drag L heel), HOLD [6:00]
7-8Rock L behind R, Recover R [6:00]

S6: Scissor, ¼turnL - Rock Back, Recover, Hitch & Press, Hitch & Press
1&2Step L to L side, Step R next to L, Cross L over R
3-4¼turnL while rocking back on R, Recover L fwd [3:00]
5&6&Hitch R, Step R, Press L to L side (weight remains on R)
7&8&Hitch L, Step L, Press R to R side (weight remains on L) [3:00]
S7: Rock Fwd, Recover, Coaster Step, Fwd 3 Walks, HOLD- Clap Clap
1-2-3&4Rock R fwd, Recover L- Step R back, Step L next to R, Step R fwd
5-6-7&8Walk fwd L-R-L, HOLD (Clap hands twice &8) [3:00]
S8: 2 x ½pivotL, Out-Out, In-In, &Bump &Bump
1-4Step R fwd, ½pivotL, Step R fwd, ½pivotL [3:00]
&5&6Step R out to R diagonal, Step L out to L diagonal, Step R back to center, Step L next to R
&7&8Lift R hip up, Bump L hip down, Lift R hip up, Bump L hip down (tip: lift R heel with R knee bent, weight on L) [3:00]
Start Over
*Ending: Begin Wall 8 to 9:00, dance up to and including count 16. On count 17, ¼turnR with back Jump/Step on R and L heel to L side, squaring up to 12:00!


BrittB July 26, 2020
thank you everyone for looking at my dance! If you have any feedback or questions, do not hesitate to reach out at

Elaine 2020 July 29, 2020
Enjoyed learning your dance today.
Great teach. Maybe post your teach video here?

BrittB July 29, 2020
Thank you Elaine! I most definitely will. One of these days I’ll share Robs teach on here too - with his permission of course ;)

CCherry July 31, 2020
High energy dance! Love it!

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