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High Intermediate
Joey Warren (March 2013)
Fearless - Wes Carr
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(16 count intro before start of dance)

R Brush-Rock, Shuffle Step w/ Sweep, Heel Jack w/ Touch, ½ Turn
1-&-2Brush R fwd, Lift R knee as you move it past L leg, Rock back on R
3-&-4Step fwd on L, Step R next to L, Step L fwd while sweeping R out in front
5-&-6Cross R over L, Step L out/slightly back, Place R heel fwd (@ R diagonal)
&-7-8Step down on R, Touch L toe behind R, ½ Turn L stepping fwd on L
(you should be facing the 7:30 diagonal now)

3/8 Turn L, Weave, ¼ Rock, Walk Back
1-2&33/8 Turn L stepping R out to R @ 3 o’clock, Step L behind R, Step R out to R, Cross L over R
4 – 5¼ Turn R rocking R fwd lifting L leg slightly, Step back on L
6-7-8Walk back R, Walk back L, Walk back R (these are cool/soft walks not heavy)

Ball Cross ¼, ½ Turn Step, Touch & Touch, Sailor Step, ½ Sailor Cross
&1-2¼ Turn L stepping down on L, Cross R over L, ½ Turn over L shoulder crossing L over R (weight L)
3-&-4Touch R toe out to R, Step R beside L, Touch L toe out to L
5-&-6Step L behind R, Step R out to R, Step L out/slightly forward
7-&-8¼ Turn R stepping R behind L, ¼ Turn R stepping down on L, Cross R over L

Step-Heel x2, Back Touch-Fwd Touch, Weave w/ ¼ Turn R
&1&2Step L out to L, Place R heel fwd, Step down on R, Place L heel fwd
&3&4Step down/back on L, Touch R toe back, Step R beside L, Place L heel fwd
5 – 6Step L back behind R, Start ¼ Turn R stepping R fwd
7-8-&Finish ¼ Turn stepping L fwd, Step R fwd, Ball step on L (ready to Brush on R)

Side Touch Cross (traveling fwd) x4
1 2 3 4Touch R toe out to R, Cross R over L, Touch L toe out to L, Cross L over R
5 6 7 8Touch R toe out to R, Cross R over L, Touch L toe out to L, Cross L over R

Rock Recover-Ball-Rock Recover, Walk Back L-R, Rock Recover Ball Step
1-2-&Rock fwd on R, Recover back on L, Step R next to L
3 – 4Rock fwd on L, Recover back on R
5 – 6Walk back on L, Walk back on R
7-8-&Rock back on L (slight lean back upper body), Recover on R, Small step fwd on L

SEQUENCE:Intro, 32, 32, Tag, 32, Tag, 32, Tag, 32, 32, Tag, 32, 32




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